Thirsty Thursday: Dom Vintage 1990

My youngest sister (#6 of the 6) turned 21 yesterday, and we were lucky enough to help her celebrate it last night.  So glad she has a summer birthday, otherwise I’m guessing she would have been away at school, letting her friends there help her celebrate…at least this way, she was hangover-free this morning, right?

No idea why the hubs (white shirt) was so amused in this photo.

Gigi including the girls in the celebration – JUST apple juice.  Here’s the proof!


All grown up.

Three of the sisters representing.  Missed the rest of y’all!

Photo Crashers (my double-first cousin and his fiance)
Sister #6 and her beau

Happy Birthday, MC!  Still cannot believe you are 21!?!  Love you!

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  1. I cannot believe she is 21!!! I remember her running around the playroom when she was just a little toddler! We're getting old…

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