Fashion Friday: Current Summer Faves

Happy Friday, y’all!  I cannot believe there is only one week left of July!  This summer is seriously flying by! Thankfully, I’ve got two weeks at the beach planned for August, so I’m trying to make the most of it before preschool starts back for the girls, right after Labor Day.  Today, I thought I’d share some of my random, current faves, that I’ve been enjoying this summer.

Not only is it refreshing, it has no calories, no artificial sweeteners and it’s sodium-free!  Around here, they carry it at Costco, Harris Teeter and Target.  I’m dying to try the pink grapefruit flavor.  I’ve heard it’s fabulous!  Also, if you go to their website, here, you can click on recipes, and they offer creative La Croix cocktails, with nutritional info provided…like the La Croix Skinny Mojito.  Yum!

I’ve never been a big fan of the spray-on kind of suntan lotion before this summer, mostly because I was afraid it would leave streaks or spray marks.  Boy, was I ever wrong.  I got a packet of this at Costco to try, and use it on the girls at the pool everyday, and they are evenly coated, no sticky hands, and it stays put.  I will never go back to regular suntan lotion again.  LOVE this stuff!  And such a time saver!

I’ve used these almost everyday this summer.  They’re the perfect shape, and don’t droop as much as the classic Ray-Ban aviators.  That’s probably why they’re called the ‘New Classics’.  Great fit and lightweight!

For the girls, they’re so much easier to pop on when heading anywhere in the summer, no buckles or straps required.  W can put them on by herself.  One less thing I have to do when leaving the house, the better.  They’re not flip-flops, so they’re not flipping off the girls’ feet when they walk.  SOLD!

So this isn’t a CURRENT fave, but it will soon become one, once the fall season hits.  Although, I may need to welcome this little dress into my wardrobe before then, in case it decides to sell-out.  Wouldn’t this be perfect for an October wedding I’m attending?

Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!
We’re here this weekend, so it’ll be nice to chill and grill out.


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6 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Current Summer Faves

  1. Oh I'm going to have to try that drink!

    On the suntan lotion – the Target brand works really well too. And I've seen the spray bottle at Trader Joe's at the check out counter for $5.99. Much cheaper since I tend to go through it quickly!

  2. I LOVEEEEEE the Eryn Dress above…It will be perfect for a Navy football game!

    I'd also like to say that the pictures to the right side of your blog are so precious and make me smile…you have a gorgeous family!

  3. I still use lotion because I want to be covered, but I always keep the spray with me to reapply quickly.! Ray uses the spray and still rubs it in, defeating the purpose of not getting it all over your hands! Haha.

    I love that Lilly dress! Can't wait to pick some things from the Fall line for teaching. 🙂

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