Thirsty Thursday: Diet Coke

Simple, yet PERFECT!  How many of these do you drink per day?

While sipping something so refreshing, I’d love to be wearing this…
We head off this morning to W’s Open House for her preschool.
Can’t wait to meet her little munchkin friends.  🙂
Hope y’all have a terrific Thursday!
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Yesterday’s location was Seville, Spain.  Isn’t it an enchanting place?  I hope to see Spain one day.  I’ve been close, but never actually visited.

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P.S. I added some more new Lilly dresses to my BLOG SALE.  🙂

23 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday: Diet Coke

  1. Hey cutie! I LOVE that your Thirsty Thursday's beverage of the week is Diet Coke! 🙂 My fave!!! I have been trying to cut back, so I'd say lately it's been about 1/day, but I think at one point I definitely had 3/day! LOL!

    Loving the J.Crew dress & accessories, tres chic and loving the bow in the back too!

    I am so excited for little Miss W, I hope she absolutely loves preschool, what a big milestone for her (and Mommy too!) Thinking of you sweetie and hope all is well! xooxox

  2. I have actually been drinking one Mt. Dew a day! AH! I saw the throwback Mt. Dew in the store and had to have one (or 12)! But after they're out, no more for awhile!

    Have fun at Open House!! So exciting 🙂

  3. I am a Dt Dr Pepper girl:)

    I only allow myself 1 as a treat when I leave Publix….I get it out of the machine when I am leaving. {weekly} or when I go in a gas station and they JUST HAPPEN TO HAVE 1 IN A CAN…must be a nasty gross can….don't ask why! Although my sweet hubby bought me a 12 pk so I'd have one when I wanted one and I've split 2 with mini me on 3 days….not too bad!

    Hope your weekend is great!!

  4. I love love love diet coke! I used to drink about 2 cans a day, but I quit soda about a month ago, but I don't think this habit will last.

  5. Ok I feel like the girl on the outside ..LOL.. I'm not a pop drinker,,I may have the occasional sip from Hubby's can … which he drinks 2-3 per day – regular coke.

    Your little cutie, how wonderful to be starting pre-school. This is a Big Girl day for her, and she is going to be just fine!! The question is … Is Mommy ready for her little girl to grow up? Hugs..HHL

  6. I love Diet Coke! I've been trying to drink more water, but over the summer I might have had about 3 a day!

    I love the J Crew dress! I hope W loves preschool and her teacher!

  7. Oh gosh, DC is my fav! I'm addicted actually! So funny that you should post this, I have actually been tinkering with the idea of cutting back and eventually giving it up completely! Don't know if I can though…

  8. if you knew how much i loved coke and diet coke…well, we'd probably be friends! haha i do limit myself to 1 or 2 diet cokes a day, but if i had an outfit like that to wear every time i drank one, there would be no stopping me! 🙂

  9. So glad to know I'm not alone with the DC addiction! I probably drink about 5-7 per day. And I'm not even exaggerating….

  10. although i gave up soda (for health reasons) a year ago, i still crave it once in a while! good luck to your sweetheart of a daughter; im sure she can't wait to be in that first-day outfit of hers! p.s. you HAVE to go to spain, especially seville. i went three years ago, and it was by far, the best two weeks of my life. i may just do a post on my trip sometime soon 🙂 have a great weekend!

  11. As a former Diet Coke addict, I have now cut back… but after not having one for a little while they taste oh-so sweet! And I'll sip on one in that getup ANY DAY!

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