Fashion Friday: College Football Cheering Attire

Well, football season is upon us, and I must say, I’m soooo excited!  I cannot wait to spend days watching sports, both Saturday (college) and Sunday (professional)!  I know I’m stunning most readers right now.  I come across as a southern, preppy fashionista, but I do LOVE my sports too!  And not just football, but the Braves (my baseball love!) are playing so well, and may win the pennant…but that will be left for another post!  🙂

I thought for this post I’d include some appropriate (team spirit) dresses to wear, if attending different college football games or PARTIES.  I apologize if I leave your favorite team out, or your alma mater, but these are the teams that are true to me.

First off, the North Carolina Tarheels (my alma mater, and the DH (darling husband)’s, as well).  Go Heels!

Not exactly light blue, but I’d make it work.  Anything for a great DVF dress.
Team Colors: Light Blue and White

Next, we have a great dress for the Clemson Tigers games (my mother’s alma mater).

Team Colors: Orange and Purple

And finally the hub’s parents’ alma mater, the Georgia Bulldogs.  Go DAWGS!  P.S. I’m thinking we’ll be cheering on the Dawgs until basketball season, especially after everything that has gone down with the Heels as of late.

Team Colors: Red and Black

I will not include my father’s – haha.  He went to the Citadel (in Charleston), boring.  And then, MUSC (Medical University of South Carolina – in Charleston), still boring.  But don’t worry, Daddy, Charleston is not boring.  🙂  Plus, that’s how they chose my name.  It’s on everything in Charleston.

And sorry, MC (Sister #6), I will not post about the Carolina Gamecocks either…haha.


Stay tuned for next week’s Fashion Friday, I’ll be posting dresses for NFL football season.  
I hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day!  If you’re on the east coast of North Carolina, stay safe!

19 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: College Football Cheering Attire

  1. We are huge football fans up here as well- however we don't have as fabulous colors as your family does. My college was all girls– no football team of course, and my hubby's was yellow and black- not sure anyone would be interested in looking like a bumble bee…?

  2. What about the University of Minnesota "Golden Gophers?" Hehehe….just kidding. Lord, the school colors are maroon and gold. Ewww…

    I must admit, I'm not into college football. I know. I know. For me, it's all about hockey. 🙂

    Have a great weekend.

    Oh, and I LOVE that first dress. Fabulous.

  3. Girl you must always dress so nicely! Love the paisley red dress even if you did say it was for cheering on the Georgia Bulldogs! Happy weekend!

  4. Love this post! I am, so excited that football is back! My family is solid orange for Clemson and we are also Ole Miss fans since that is where my younger brother goes to school.

    We will all be cheering on the Heels this Saturday against LSU!

  5. Loving these dress options! I always stock up on pretty dresses in my school colors so I have lots to choose from come game day! Have a great holiday weekend!

  6. *gasp, love this post! just stumbled on your blog! cute dresses! would love to wear that orange and purple dress while cheering for my Tigers! But actually LOVE that DKNY dress! Very Cute!

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