Thirsty Thursday: Coffee and Lounging…


Today, the kiddos and I did absolutely nothing…except play with our new toys and hang around the house.  And bath time was extra fun, thanks to my sister-in-law’s gift!  Thanks, A!

 V on Christmas morning, had no idea what was going on…
 …but the girls sure did!
 L was easy to please.  Trucks, cars, tractors, tanks, trains…he was a happy boy!
 Christmas afternoon, we headed to my parents’ house.  W and my brother-in-law had a nice jam session with her new ukelele.
 Like I said…we vegged today.
L and V got new pajamas that Serena & Lily carried, by Hanna Andersson.  Looks like I’ll be adding more of them to their drawers.  They’re super comfy and I love the color combinations!
W and E’s nightgowns are Mini Boden.
 V (8 weeks) He looks so tiny here.  Can’t believe he’s already 15lbs!!
Isn’t this little Hanna Andersson Sleeper precious?
 My sweet boys.
Hope y’all have a nice evening!  I may attempt to brave the mall tomorrow, to make some returns.  Have y’all taken advantage of any of the After-Christmas sales out there?

8 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday: Coffee and Lounging…

  1. They are SO adorable! I haven't attempted the mall for a few weeks now, but heading to Nordstroms and J Crack tomorrow!

    1. He he he! And seeing how successful your shopping was, it seems like a suitable name! Saw tons of cute stuff there yesterday, but considering I have, well let's just say more than my fair share of weight to lose since having this baby, everything I try on looks horrendous!

  2. we vegged out too- so nice to just have a day to come down from it all!

    You know these pics I just realized that your kiddos are like my hubs family… #1 (W) and #3 (L) look so much alike and #2(E) and #4 (V) look alike! Its crazy how it works! All gorgeous of course! xo
    btw i'm back posting… scored a social media gig here in stl that has been taking up my time, but i think we are back on track at minifashionplates!

  3. A couple times a year they carry the Hanna Andersson pjs at Costco… and I stock up! They are only $12.50. I was in today (the Pineville-Matthews Rd. one) and they JUST got them…I bought 4 for my daughter! Go if you can!!! Super cute prints for boys.

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