Thirsty Thursday: Bloody Mary

I hope y’all are enjoying your Thursday!  I always enjoy this drink on a crisp Saturday, before the football games begin, extra spicy please.  This is my favorite recipe, although I love my vodka to be Absolute Peppar.  Yum!

Pete Petiot’s “Original” Bloody Mary

Pete Petiot is the bartender who claimed to have invented the Bloody Mary at Harry’s American Bar in the Roaring 20’s. Credit actually goes to comedian George Jessel in the 1950s—read the history of the Blood Mary. But Petiot, who became head barman at the St. Regis Hotel in New York City, served this recipe:

Shake with ice and strain into a short glass.  I like to add mine with olives and a celery stalk.

And with this delicious drink, I’d love to be enjoying my Fall day wearing…

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!  This week has flown by, especially with this past long weekend!


Yesterday’s location was Chapel Hill, North Carolina – my alma mater, and the hubs’!  I still love that place, and cannot wait to take my girls there, to visit someday.  GO HEELS!  The second to last picture was a photo of my dorm, where I lived one year while I was there.  The photo right before that one was a photo showing how we celebrate a huge basketball victory on Franklin Street.

“In my mind, I’m going to Carolina…”
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15 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday: Bloody Mary

  1. Hi ya, I just found you and this tasty drink caught my eye! If I didn't already have a headache this morning, it might sound good to me! Hmm, maybe this would cure it? Anyway, I'm a bloody mary gal and I'm always on the hunt for a good recipe, so I am tucking this one away in my recipe file!

    Your girls are darling!


  2. Mmm, nothing like Bloody Marys before football games or tailgating at Keeneland during the fall meet. Now I'm really craving one of those…

  3. So fun! They just did a huge segment on bringing preppy back (because of the re-release of True Prep) on the CBS Early Show and a Bloody Mary was mentioned as a MUST for a prep! Girl you know your stuff!

  4. These are my fall favorite drink! Even though I am preggo I can still enjoy it virgin style! My brother-in-law throws a little Tabasco/horseradish in there too to spice it up. His are so yummy!

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