Fashion Friday: NFL Cheering Attire

Happy Friday, Y’all!  I’m so glad everyone enjoyed my Bloody Mary recipe yesterday.  I’m definitely going to sip one tomorrow, while watching the football games.  Go Heels and Dawgs!  Last week, college football began, and of course this week, it’s the NFL.  They played their first game last night.  Here are some great dresses to wear to some of the different NFL games, to cheer on your favorite team.

As a die-hard Carolina Panthers fan, I think I need this dress to help cheer them on, as they face off against the Giants this weekend…

Team Colors: Turquoise and Black

Okay, so this dress is way too dressy for a football game or party, and our colors are more turquoise than the peacock color here.  But I love this dress!  If I had to wear it to a game, to get it for free, I’d do it in a heartbeat!  🙂

And then close by, we have the Atlanta Falcons…

Team Colors: Red and Black

And nearby, there’s also the Washington Redskins…

 Team Colors: Red and Gold

To help cheer on the 2009 Champions, the New Orlean Saints, one could wear this…

Team Colors: Gold and Black
I apologize if I left your favorite team out!
Whoever you’re cheering on, I hope they win…unless it’s the Giants.  Haha.

Stayed tuned for my own version of a “Truly Preppy” giveaway, starting on Tuesday!

Thanks, 2PreppyGirls!  I LOVE my decal!  Now I’m all ready to go play tennis, in preppy style of course!

13 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: NFL Cheering Attire

  1. One things for sure girl, you'd need to be sitting in those big money stadium boxes to be sportin' these ensembles. How classy are they? No matter the team, you'd be looking good, that's for sure! Happy Friday!

  2. Love the dress ideas! I am a big proponent of dressing for games myself, I guess most SEC girls are. I always have a hard time figuring out what to wear when we go to my husband's box for redskins games. I would like to wear dresses, but for some reason-I think NFL game goers are more casual that college football fans. So hard to find a happy medium for those darn NFL games-ha!

  3. LOVE that new turquoise color!! Talbots has several things that color this season. I'm looking for the best one….
    You'll be so cute in anything that no one will watch the game!!

  4. you cannot be Southern and not have SOMETHING monogrammed…it's in the rules somewhere! 🙂
    i was so amd…none of my GA teams won this weekend, minus the Braves! I'm still a Dawg fan for life though.

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