The Jennifer Aniston Salad Recipe

I know this is so new to see me post a recipe for y’all, but had to share this Jennifer Aniston Salad with y’all today!  It’s super easy and I’ve been loving it!  Apparently, it’s the salad she ate everyday while she was on the set of Friends.  And as in most recipes, you can change things up a bit if you don’t like something included, or want to add more/less of something else.

Cutting Board // Cutting Board // Assorted Pumpkin Pack of 5 // Measuring Cups // Ramikins


1c quinoa

1c cucumber

1 can chickpeas

1/2c feta

1/2c pistachios

1/3c parsley

1/3c mint

1/3c red onion

All so colorful and healthy!

2/3 Cup Olive Oil // 1/2 Lemon Juice

She didn’t add dressing to her salad, but I still included this one in case y’all wanted a simple one.

Mixing Bowl

Blend olive oil and lemon juice, then salt to taste.  Drizzle as much as you’d like on your salad and save the rest for later.  You’ll definitely have extra.

Mix together everything and enjoy!

1/2c banana

2tbsp PB2 powder

1tsp matcha powder

1c almond milk

1c ice

Blend and Enjoy!

I’ve also been enjoying this smoothie that’s super simple to make and is delicious!  Kind of just added what I liked and it came out surprisingly really tasty!

Hope y’all have a great weekend!  Logan’s birthday is TODAY!  The BIG 11!  We celebrated him all day yesterday and he’ll leave shortly for Bristol, Tennessee to watch the Nascar race with Lanier!  He’s soooo excited!  This will be his third track to watch a race!  I’ll be sure and share photos with y’all when they get back.  And will also share photos from yesterday’s fun!

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And in case you missed it, I shared a Life Lately post yesterday.

And I’m obsessed with this new bag!  Love the hot pink and that you can personalize it with initials and pics.  Had to get the tennis one.  And there are lots of other colors to choose from too.  I had a hard time deciding which bag get!