Logan’s 11th Birthday!

Since he started watching Cars at an early age, Logan’s always been a Nascar fan.  As you can see here, his favorite is racer is Chase Elliot.

While he opted for a weekend trip to Bristol to watch the night races, in lieu of a party with friends, we still decorated for his birthday as we always do!

He’s never been a big fan of icing, so we opted for these mini bundt cakes instead.

Wheeler’s Shrek creative wrapping for her gift.

Vaughn wanted to show 10 since Logan was showing his 11.  He’s not quite 10 yet, but he will be next month!  Can’t believe it.  And by that point, we’ll show him how to switch the one and the zero.

We started his morning off at his favorite breakfast spot – The Waffle House!

It’s a little hard to tell here, but Effie has officially surpassed Wheeler in height.

Lanier and Logan had the best time in Bristol.  The weather couldn’t have been more beautiful both nights!

This place was Logan’s favorite spot.  He loved the double cheeseburger!

A trip he’ll never forget!

We hung around here while they were in Bristol and watched the Georgia game.  Yes, you’re seeing that correctly.  I have braces.  As you’ll remember I had aligners for the past six months, she switched me out to braces for the last four weeks of my treatment to finish out the process quicker.  The girls loved that we were all matching in our braces.  And let me tell you, braces are no joke.  I feel for the girls.  I had them back in 8th grade, but I couldn’t remember then how much of a pain it is to clean them and how much your teeth move.  Bulldogs Earrings found here.  Use code: ASHLEY30 for 30% off your order.

Go Dawgs!