Life Lately + Tuckernuck Friends & Family Sale

The beginning of the school year is such a busy time with trying to get all of our after school routines in order. But I wouldn’t change this chaos for anything. In one bittersweet blink, this house will be too quiet and empty so I cherish these days so much! My dad celebrated his 70th birthday last weekend so we headed to Charlotte.  Loved that everyone was able to make it!  Blessed is an understatement!!  And can we talk about how quickly they’re all growing? Pretty soon, they’ll all be my height or taller! // Wearing this midi dress in a small.

The girls in some of my Lilly dresses.  They fit them so well!

We had the best time last weekend celebrating my dad’s 70th birthday!  I still can’t believe he’s 70!  If you know him, he doesn’t act his age.  Then again, he never has.  Just kidding!  But seriously, I hope I have the same amount of energy and love that he exudes at his age.  It’s pretty incredible.  My mom will gladly take credit for much of that too.  We’re just missing one of my sisters and her husband in this photo, but they were able to join us for lunch the next day!

We sat out back at a restaurant in town and were the only ones seated back there, thank goodness.  It started pouring so they had to zip up the exposed area so we wouldn’t get wet.  The loud rain didn’t keep us from talking over it.  We were just a bit louder.  Ha!  We always have the best time when we’re together.  Made me miss home.  Truly such a fun night!  Hope we can make that happen again soon.

Wore this dress and loved it!  It runs big, I sized down to an XS.  It’s currently on sale here with code: ENJOY.

Never in a million years did I think that I’d be wearing braces at the same time as my girls, but it happened.  But they’re loving it and enjoy reminding me what I can/can’t eat or drink while I’m wearing them.  As many of y’all know, I started my straighter teeth journey back in March.  I’ve worn aligner retainers, switching them to the next tray once a week, until two weeks ago.  She said my teeth were moving at a great speed and that I’d need one more refinement.

My main concern with why I wanted straighter teeth is that my front top and bottom teeth were crossing over each other and they were starting to hurt from crowding.  On this last visit with Dr. Katie, she gave me the option to go through a refinement period where she’d order more aligner trays and wear them until they were exactly where she wanted them.  Or I could speed up the last part of the process by wearing braces.  It was completely my decision.  I went with braces and now only have one more week to go!  I’ve only had them for two weeks and that’s been long enough for me!  If you’re looking to have straighter teeth and thinking of going the aligner tray route, I would highly suggest going to an orthodontist and not a dentist.  They know teeth better and can do things like add braces at the end of the journey.  Also, there is no extra charge to have braces at the end of your aligner journey with Dr. Katie, if she thinks that’s necessary.  If you’re local and thinking of going for it, reach out to Dr. Kate Bullwinkel at Vincent & Bullwinkel Orthodontics for a consultation ((843) 762-2304).  Everyone there has been amazing! Highly recommend!

We have a trampoline park pretty close to our house.  The kids love it!  This past Friday night, they asked if they could to the Glow Party.  They’ve been to this event a few times but it’s been awhile.  Let’s just say they loved it and asked when they’d get to go again.  When I came in to pick them up, the girls were dancing with the DJ.  They definitely had a blast!

My youngest sister Mary-Chase and I went to see Elton John a few nights ago.  Definitely a bucket list checked off for me!  He was everything I hoped he’d be!

Highly recommend if you’re a fan and can score some before his tour ends!  He played it ALL and sounds just as good as he always has!

My sweet Vaughn keeps growing up and I can’t stand it!

Teleties just came out with the cutest colors for Fall and Halloween.

I hope all of my fellow Lilly Lovers were able to score some awesome items on major sale!  Most everything was on sale for under $100.  Can’t beat that!  The winner of the Lilly $100 Gift Card is Tanya!  Congrats!  Email me at and I’ll get your card to you!

How beautiful is the lastest collectiong from Hill House?  I ordered my first Nap Dress earlier this year and have loved wearing it.  It’s still available in the pink/green print here.  It’s just such a pretty and flattering fit for so many body types and runs true to size.  I already placed my order and had a hard time narrowing down which ones to order.  Loved so many, especially the printed one above and the deep green.

Tuckernuck just started their Friends & Family Sale!  If you’ve had something on your wishlist, now is the time to score it while it’s on sale!

This top I wore last week and raved about is part of the sale.

Happy Thursday, Y’all!