The Flamingo Cocktail + Flamingo Pink & Pink Flamingos

As pink is my favorite color, I’m always on the hunt for a simple pink cocktail.  Today’s concoction is no exception.  Meet today’s Thirsty Thursday treat…
The Flamingo
(recipe source here)
2 oz. English-style white rum, such as Banks 5 Island or Mount Gay Special Reserve
3⁄4 oz. fresh lime juice
3 oz. pink grapefruit soda, such as Izze
1 crosswise slice lime
Combine rum and juice in a cocktail shaker and fill with ice.
Shake until chilled.
Strain into a rocks glass and fill with ice.
Add soda and garnish with lime.
Yesterday morning, the kids all had their eye check-ups.  Wheeler and Logan have 20/20 vision.  Effie’s eyes haven’t changed after her initial prescription, so that’s great – no patch, just glasses.  Vaughn’s vision is okay, but not great.  His doctor said it’s not worth forcing him to wear them while he’s this young, mostly because like I said, his eyesight isn’t that bad, it’s more because of his astigmatism.  I filled out a prescription for glasses, so it’s basically just seeing if he’ll keep them on once they come in.  I’ll keep you posted!
Waiting on our order.  And yes, Effie is very proud of the fact that she is reading chapter books in kindergarten, just like her sister did…so am I!
In the afternoon, the weather ended up turning out to be beautiful!  We headed over to one of our favorite spots, Vintage Coffee.
They got new umbrellas to make the area more shaded!  Genius!

Since their eyes were a little sensitive from getting dilated, Vaughn wanted to wear some sunglasses.  He’s wearing these heart ones (similar here for only $12) that I brought back from Dallas for the girls.
Of course I had to order avocado toast (with a side of some of the kids nutella/banana crepes.  So good!

Getting my baby fix!

Told y’all I was going to get my gold Birks back out – now back in stock, but selling out quickly!
Flamingo Pink & Pink Flamingos
**Click on items to shop or links below.**

I know we’re talking flamingos, but how cute is this popsicle one?
I wish these Flamingo PJs came in my girls’ size.  These only go up to a size 5, but they’re currently available in all sizes and 35% off with code: NOW.  The same goes for this cute flamingo one-piece, it only goes up to a size 5 and on sale.
But I did just order these swimsuits for the girls, currently 35% off with code: NOW.
Couldn’t leave out my Lilly Pulitzer Tee!  I’ve got this one and love it.  For sizing, I went up to make it more like a lounge top or beach cover-up top.
From a post earlier this week, I had a reader ask about my glasses, they are this pair by Marc Jacobs in the Havana color, and they’re on sale.  I have two pairs, my others are these Salvatore Ferragamos (also on major sale).  One pair I keep in my car and the other on my bedside table.
Happy Thursday!

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  1. The blue/navy anthropologie dress you posted about yesterday is such a good deal now because sale went to 40% off! I snatched it up real quick 🙂 Thanks!

  2. We visited the Charleston area over Easter break and made a stop at Vintage. I'd give anything to have a spot like that were we live. Our girls loved playing, and my husband and I loved being able to sit and relax with great coffee and snacks (we got the prosciutto and brie toast) and watch our four girls do what kids do….it's so hard to expect them to sit perfectly still when we're out and about. It was awesome to visit a place that catered to us and them….where we could let them be little!

  3. That cocktail sounds amazing! And I might just have to purchase that little flamingo baby bathing suit for Sully, she already has one flamingo suit for the summer by Mud Pie that is very Bjorn with a swan around her neck style :). One can never have too many flamingo suits though!

    Erin, Attention to Darling

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