Summer Adventures + An Easy, Breakfast Casserole Recipe

Wheeler saved her special birthday dinner for Thursday night, since her actual birthday, the 18th, was a little busy with the boys’ game.  Her one request – crab legs!  One of her favorites! // Her little coverup is from last year, but I found the same style in another color here, it’s currently on sale too.  My striped tank is from here.

Before dinner, we headed out to the beach and played with some of the animals we found there.

Hermit Crab!

Rescuing some horseshoe crabs that had crept up a little close to the shore and needed help getting back in the water.

Still loving these swimsuits for the boys!  Effie’s seersucker suit is from last year, by Bailey Boys.  I’ve had some of you ask about my Apple Watch and if I’d had any trouble with it since I get it in the water.  So far I’ve had no issues.

A great day!  Wearing this scalloped swim top, this hat and these sunnies.  Lanier’s wearing this hat, these sunnies and this shirt (on sale).  My swimsuit bottom is an oldie but goodie from J.Crew.

Goofing off at dinner.

Her long-awaited birthday treat!

Last week at VBS, I volunteered to make breakfast casseroles a few days.  After Wheeler saw me making them, she begged me to make more for the kids to have too.  So I ended up making more for us and for friends.  It’s such a simple recipe!

I’ve had some of you say to try hashbrowns instead of bread at the bottom.  And another reader said to try Jimmy Dean Sage Sausage instead of the regular flavor.  Lots of variations that I want to try!

On Friday, we headed off to the aquarium.  They all love this place so much!

Inside a hurricane!

Petting a dogfish.

Saying hey to Coretta the Loggerhead!

A perfect place to beat the heat!

Wore this top.  Only $19!  Would be cute paired with any stripes for the 4th!  Comes in navy and white too.

I’m clearly obsessed with this skirt.  Have it already worn it three times.  Super comfy too! // Top // Sandals (in rose gold)

I hope y’all had a great weekend!  We lucked out with awesome weather.  The only storm we had was a big one last night.  Thankfully, the kiddos use sound machines and didn’t hear a thing.

Hope your week starts off well!

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