Spring Is Here! + OOTDs

Spring has finally arrived!  Of course, last week I spent a few days switching over all of our fall/winter closets and drawers to spring/summer, and today the high is supposed to be in the high 50s.  After we had 80 degree weather last week, I thought for sure it was here to stay.  Thankfully, this cooler weather should be short-lived, and we’ll be all set without all the layers by mid-week.  You have no idea how much easier it is to get the kids ready in the morning, when I’m not having to find sweaters, coats, sometimes hats and gloves.  Spring and summer are my favorite for so many reasons, and after having four children, less layers is a huge plus.  Now I’ve just got to get out the beach towels, coverups, swimsuits, toys, etc. but that’ll be fun!
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As I mentioned, this past weekend was on the cooler side.  Cool enough to wear a sweater yesterday, and on Saturday, the sun and mid-70s were nice.  We had good friends from home stay with us, that we hadn’t seen in forever and it was so great to let the kids play and we got to catch up.  The week before, Saturday was forecasted to have rain all day.  It rained a little in the morning, but by the afternoon we had warmth and sunshine.  We made the most of it and took the kids out on the golf cart and drove around.  We even managed to talk the ice cream truck into driving back to our house, so we could run in and get cash and get everyone some treats.  We don’t visit the ice cream truck the often, but after two visits recently I think it’s safe to say that my kids can only do the ice cream treats in the truck that come in cups.  Any treats on sticks melt down too quickly for my kiddos.  Thankfully we were at home, so we could resort to a bowl, but if we’d been anywhere else, they eat so slow that it melts off the stick before they can finish it.

Saturday was extra special to the kids, because earlier in the afternoon, they’d already eaten these cute chocolate-covered rice crispy treat bunnies my friend brought.
Saturday’s OOTD

Gingham Top (wearing a small, 35% off, making it only $17, with code: FASTBUNNY) // Shorts (25% off with code: SHOPMORE) // Sandals (true to size) // Sunglasses (on sale in glitter transparent nude) // Anchor Studs (on sale)
Sunday’s OOTD

Circle Hem Poncho Sweater (I’m wearing the XS/S) // Shorts (true to size) // Flats (true to size) // Ring // Earrings // Case // Rug (on sale)
About My Hair
A few of you have asked about why I’ve gone lighter.  Over the years, I’ve changed my hair color quite a few times.  Before Wheeler was born, almost 8 years ago, I was blonde.  Then I longed for less maintenance with a newborn, so I went dark again.  Unfortunately, I got my first grey hair when I was 16 and have been getting more and more since then.  Currently, the front of my head is completely white.  The back is catching up, but it’s more grey than white.  Let’s just say, if I tried to grow it out white, it wouldn’t be all over.  And I’m not sure I want to try that ever anyway.  My hair also grows really really fast.  I know I should be thankful, but when you’ve got white hair that grows in so quickly, that’s a bit of a maintenance problem.  When my hair was darker, the white hair (especially around my temples and around my face) would show up within a few weeks.  I still have to get it colored often, now that it’s blonde, but not as often.  I’m trying to get it to where I’m only going once a month.  When the white hair starts showing, it blends in so much better than when it was darker.  Sadly, I feel like my dark-hair days are over.  But I do love the blonde!  And as for if I’m ever cutting it?  Probably won’t happen…ever.  Very attached.  The last time I cut it, like really cut it short was in college.  I loved it the first day and maybe the second day…but then after that, I knew I’d never want it that short again.
In case you missed Thursday’s post, I shared more Spring Break Faves.

Straw Pom Pom // Straw Stripe Tote // Canvas Pineapple Tote // Sailcloth Tote (You know I couldn’t leave my Hayden Reis Tote out!  Still my all-time favorite, for over three years!) // Pink Pom Pom Tote // Bkr Water Bottles // Doughnut Float // Sunnylife Water Resistant Speaker for iPhone (Love love love this!  We used ours all last summer!) // Pattern Beach Towel // Swell Water Bottle
And if you missed the first round of favorites, they were posted on Tuesday.

Roberta Roller Rabbit Tunic // Splendid Hamptons Tunic // Soleil Arrowhead Pareo Shawl // La Blanca V-Neck // Sundress Indiana Tassel // Shoshanna Ruffle Bikini Top // Kate Spade Black/White Halter // Kate Spade Colorblock // Black Bikini (only $19) // Maaji Colorblock Bikini // Mara Hoffman Cross Halter // Nanette Lepore Goddess // Tavik Striped Open Back // Trina Turk St. Tropez // Red Carter Mio Halter // Rebecca Minkoff Georgina // Tory Burch Miller // K Jacques Epicure // Michael Kors Wedge // Ainsley Thong (identical to these Joie ones, but these are over $100 less) // Ray-Ban Mirrored Aviators // Le Specs Bandwagon // Tory Burch Classics // Carrera Wayfarer Sunglasses (on sale, in Glitter Transparent Nude) // Ray-Ban Transparent Frame/Blue Mirrored Lens (on sale, only five left!)

And this past Friday, I shared a pretty, little spring dress.  I’ve been enjoying the light blue Tory Burch Mini Saddlebag I paired with it, especially this week, since my Tarheels are still playing in the NCAA Tournament.  They’re in the Sweet Sixteen and play Indiana on Friday night in Philadelphia.
Hope y’all have a great start to your week!

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