Spring Break: Second Stop – Mario 4DX + Into the Woods

The weather was beautiful in Charlotte.  Loved waking up to a cool morning sitting on the back porch at my inlaws.

We’ve been looking forward to the new Mario coming out for so long!  I wanted the first time they saw it to be epic, so we experienced it in 4DX.  They don’t have one of these in Charleston, so as soon as I knew we were going to Charlotte, I got us tickets.  And it was the coolest experience!  If you’re unfamiliar with 4DX, the seats move, there are scents for different scenes, water sprays, etc.  We loved it!

They were glad some of their cousins got to join us too!

We spent some time with them after the movie too.  Always love being with family.

That evening, we went out to dinner then to see a musical at Blumenthal.  I’ve always loved the Blumenthal.

I know we have one in Charleston too, but we loved going to the Ruru’s in Charlotte.  We used to visit often when we lived here.

On our way to the musical, we stopped into Founders Hall.  Vaughn was excited to see where one of the scenes from Richie Rich was filmed.  Yes, you’re remember correctly.  They love the old one with Macauley Culkin.

Dress // Sandals // Earrings

It was an amazing cast!!  Such a great performance by every single performer.  Effie and I said we would’ve loved to have seen it a second time.  So good!