Spring Break – Sanibel: Part Three

One thing we didn’t realize until we got to Sanibel, was that the Vice President was vacationing there the same week we were there.  Traffic wasn’t too bad, but there were many times, like in this case, where the light would be green and we’d have to wait for the Vice President’s motorcade to come through.  The kids loved it!

Our absolutely favorite restaurant from the week was The Mucky Duck.  I kind of wished we’d gone here earlier in the week, so we had the opportunity to go twice.

It’s located right on the beach and the kids loved all the games.  The live music was perfect too.

Vaughn loved climbing on this tree the whole night.

Wheeler patiently waited to shake Vice President Mike Pence’s hand.  She’s currently learning about all the presidents in class and even bought a big book about all the presidents at the Book Fair this year.  How cool though for her to meet the current Vice President?  We’d already been hanging out at the restaurant outside when his motorcade pulled up.  Anyone who wanted to go inside to eat or go to the bathroom had to be wanded.  It was pretty crazy.  I couldn’t even count the amount of secret service men and women that were there.  Afterward, he and his wife and children walked on to the beach to see the beautiful sunset together.

I honestly didn’t think we’d get to see the sunset because it was so cloudy, but at the very end the sun broke through, and it was absolutely beautiful!

Matching in our Lilly.  I’m wearing this dress (also available here) and these sunnies.  This little shift is a similar print to the one she’s wearing. // Effie got to shake the Vice President’s hand too.  The boys were way too into whatever they were doing, so I stayed with them while Wheeler and Lanier walked over to meet him.

Such a cool place.  If you ever visit, this place is a must.

Top // Scarf // Ring

We loved our doughnuts at Bennett’s.  If you get there, be sure and get there early.  Once we arrived, lots of flavors were already gone.

The clearest water.  This cover-up continues to be a favorite.

They loved seeing a manatee.  When I told them its nickname is a “seacow,” Logan said “Well, I can’t see his bell.”

Highly recommended from so many of you, we headed to The Bubble Room on Captiva Island.

Talk about an eclectic place, the kids could’ve stayed there all day looking at everything.  Vaughn wanted to analyze every single fish tank and Logan loved tracking down the train that went through several rooms.

If you go, make sure and try the Orange Crunch Cake.  Delicious.  Also highly recommended was the flaming cheese dish.  Unfortunately, it’s only served at dinner so we couldn’t order it.  But there’s always next time!

Thought this was funny that Wheeler saw this jukebox and said “Look, Mama!  “Hold On””  She was referring to the current “Hold On” by Dierks Bentley.  I don’t think this juke box was going to play such a recent hit.

We stopped into Jerry’s Foods for ice creams and to visit with all the tropical birds.  G.W. was our favorite.  He talked the most, saying “Hello” and “Goodbye.”  The best was if you walked really close to his cage and crept up to it, he’d be really still and then at the last second he’d squawk so loud and make visitors jump.  He got Vaughn really good one time!

Enjoying their delicious homemade ice cream at the The Love Boat.

A Few Favorites I Packed

Tassel Cover-Up // Flip Flops // Braided Sandals (also available in more sizes here) // Palm Sandals // Aloha Tee // White Cutoffs // Denim Cutoffs // Scalloped Swim Top // Cover-Up

We clearly absolutely LOVED Sanibel and Captiva!  If you get the chance to visit, it’s worth it!  Head back to these posts to check out Sanibel: Part 1 & Part 2.

Hope y’all have an awesome weekend!  We’re in town for once!  Grateful for that!  Supposed to be beautiful here.  Be sure and check out tomorrow’s post.  I’ll be sharing a little life lately with you, along with recent outfits and favorites.

TGIF, Y’all!

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  1. Thanks for your recap of Captiva and Sanibel. I love the Gulf Coast of Florida and have spent many vacations there. The water is so beautiful and clear. Thanks again. (p.s. I’m headed to Charleston next month and I can’t wait. It’s another place I love.)

    1. Oh awesome! I think it’s funny I’ve never done a Charleston Fave Spots post yet. Need to get on that. Haha.

      1. I would love a Charleston post about all your favorite spots. I know I have my favorites, but most of mine are very touristy. I would welcome a locals point of view. I do enjoy the posts you make about the local retailers. I have a few spots on my list of places to visit.
        Thanks and keep the local information coming.


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