Spring Break: Part Six

Okay y’all, so this was our favorite place of all the different outings we went on while we were on Spring Break!  At Theater of the Sea, we met some fun animals and birds up close and got to watch the coolest dolphin show!  They also have a place to eat lunch and an area where you could bring your swimsuit and swim.  We didn’t do that part, but it was included in the admission fee.

We loved watching these birds do some pretty cool tricks!  They were smart!

If you visit, sit on the ground and you’ll have the best seats in the house.  Just be prepared, you WILL get wet!

Kimbit and Sherman did an awesome job!

I couldn’t believe how high they could push her out of the water!

Also, had no idea dolphins could jump this high!

We also met Jet the sea lion.  He was very entertaining and had us laughing.  He definitely hammed it up for us.

This trainer was incredibly brave.  No way I would do something like that.  She was feeding him rats with tongs.

We headed to Robby’s for lunch.  The food was delicious.  So were the spicy margaritas!

No clue how he sits like this comfortably, but it’s one of his favorite positions when we play cards.

After lunch, we headed out to feed the tarpon there.  This Wall of Shame filled with sunglasses and hats were all the things lost while attempting to feed the tarpon.  Let’s just put it this way, the pelicans were relentless!

We thought the pelicans were so cute…until they started snapping at us trying to get our fish we were feeding the tarpon.

Check out the mouth of that tarpon that Vaughn fed!  They were huge!

Like I said, the pelicans were sure persistent.  The lady laying down here feeding the tarpon got pecked on the finger and drew blood!

Logan learned his lesson when he almost got pecked by this one.

I will say, they’re pretty cool animals!

Many of you have asked whether we drive the whole way or make stops along the way.  As I mentioned in the first post, we left at midnight on Thursday and got about halfway where we stopped at a hotel with a pool.  That way the kids can swim and enjoy the day, then we usually spend the night and wake up the next day and head the rest of the way down.  On the way back, we usually do the same.  We stopped about halfway and spent the night.  It also gives us one more morning to swim before heading home!  And yes, if you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s a lot of packing for nine days being away and no washer/dryer.  But that’s what makes it a vacation for me.  Not having to do laundry for that many days.  Yes, I had a lot when I got home but I knocked it out the day they went back to school and that was that.

We truly had the BEST trip!  So many fun days in the sun and little adventures everyday, making memories that we’ll always cherish! // Loved wearing this dress and have honestly worn it quite a few times.  It’s super comfy and the perfect toss-on.  Fits true to size.  Wearing a small. // Sunnies

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Also, if y’all ever want to check out other trips we’ve been on, you can always use the search bar on my blog.  If you’re on your computer it’s on the right sidebar.  From your phone, just keep scrolling down and you’ll see it.  Trying to think of some fun ones if you need ideas…Banff, Canada was probably one of the most recent trips right before Covid, Tulum, Sanibel, Key West, Nashville, Turks & Caicos are some others.