Saturday Happenings: What I Bought

 I had a reader yesterday ask what I bought from the Tory Burch Sale.  As you know, I have plenty of Tory Burch shoes to go around.  While I would love another pair as much as the next shopper, this time I wanted to go for something different.  After-all, I’m still enjoying these (unfortunately the black I own are not on sale, but the red ones are).  Since I purchased the Thea Wallet during the last sale (the same style as this one, but snakeskin), I didn’t think I needed another wallet, but I love the latest leopard print.  And since I’m currently using my monogrammed striped tote so much, I didn’t need the Tory Burch Tote in the leopard print (although it is so cute!).  So instead, I went for a cross-body.  I do not own a single cross-body bag.  While I love my Gigi All-In-One, sometimes I feel like I need both hands, but don’t want to carry a huge tote around with me or a clutch.
Enter the Robinson Printed Cross-Body.  With this one, I can now use both hands and keep my necessities close at hand AND it’s in the leopard print I was crushing on.  Priced at $150 (including shipping and tax) I think I’ll be one happy girl once it arrives in the mail!

Help Me Decide!
I have one of these Lilly Pulitzer Iona Tops (below) from a previous season, and absolutely love it.

I’m trying to decide between the two prints above.  Love both, but only want to get one.
Do you have either of these?  Which do you like better?  Thanks!
Multi Behind the Gates Print (left photo – available here, here and here)
Bright Navy Fountain Print (right photo – available here, here and here)

Happy Saturday!

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  1. Great pick! Love that you can take the strap off and use it as a clutch, too. I like the bright navy print, but I am a sucker for pink and navy.

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