So I agree with Pretty in Pink Megan, SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is in full swing!  Does anyone else suffer from this?  It’s seriously an actual disorder.  This cold, winter weather has got to go!

So, as I sit drinking one of my Valentine’s gifts, Cakebread white wine (yummo!), cuddling with my hubby and about to watch Lost, which is not that bad of an evening, I must say…

In my dreams, I wish I was here!

Bora Bora
Wearing this!

And drinking this!
With my hubby, of course!  Baby girls?  You may have to stay at home for this dream trip.  Haha.  Where would you be?

3 thoughts on “SAD

  1. i would be with you. clearly! wasn't that the way you were dreaming it? 🙂 and we would wearing matching clothes….hey, we used to try to pull that off, why stop now when you've already picked that cute outfit. but you can have my drink! see, i knew you wanted me to come!

  2. YES. anywhere but here right now. Don't know if you saw on my blog, but I'm about to go on a road trip for a month…. CAN'T WAIT. need to follow the sunshine!

    Oh, also, I commented you back about the camera I use! Keep me posted on your photography stuff 🙂

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