Natalee Holloway Murderer Comes Clean?

Or is he telling more lies?  Who knows what to believe about this case anymore?!

Click: Natalee Holloway Confession Branded ‘Fantasy’

Can you believe after all this time, he finally decided to admit it, that he helped get rid of her body?  I remember watching a Dateline NBC show on this last year, and an undercover cop got him on video admitting to it, but van der Sloot got off, saying that he was coerced by the cop to say that.  It shows him on undercover video telling everything, all the details.  In that story, he even said she was still breathing when he took her out to dump her body.  But then there was also another story later on, of how he sold her into “white slavery!”  What?!  Lets hope this time he is confessing the real truth…but I don’t think he is.

Her poor family!  There is no way they will find her body now. He said he dumped it in a nearby Aruba swamp?  But he can’t tell the authorities which one?  Very fishy.  I feel so sorry for her family.  What will they do now?  At least there is SOME closure now, but NOT the kind they wanted.  Many prayers for her family!