Randoms on a Friday + LOFT Love + On Love & Marriage

Okay y’all, why has it taken me this long to finally shop LOFT??  I ordered a few things this past week, everything came in, and as I tried on each piece I was impressed over and over again!  First off, this ‘SEA’ sweater is awesome and currently 40% off!  I’ve never been a sweater person, like ever.  Too itchy and uncomfortable for me.  But this one is different.  It’s soft and lightweight.  Perfect for cooler evenings or snuggling up at home…like I did last night.

The ones above (this stars top and this flutter sleeve top) I posted about yesterday, but then I still can’t wait to wear what else came in!

Not only do I love the color of this top, but the fit is great too.  Hoping to wear it soon!

Cannot wait to wear this dress!  It’s swingy enough and a great length too.  It’s hard to describe the fabric, but it’s super soft and heavy enough that it won’t wrinkle as easily.

I was hesitant to order a bikini top from LOFT, since I didn’t exactly know how it would fit, but this one came in and it’s perfect for the holiday weekend.  I’ll be wearing it soon!

Scroll below for more of my faves…

I have to note too that all of these pieces are currently 40% off with code: HBDUSA.  Can’t beat that!  So take advantage when the prices are this good!

Some of my Charleston friends, Jenny Dibenedetto, Molly Fienning and Raven Roxanne are starting a children’s publishing house, Lil Bit Lit and I think it’s going to be pretty awesome!  A little more about it…

“All three of us are profoundly inspired by the creative talent we see emerging in the South, artists who seek to make a difference in the world by reaching kids. We want Lil Bit Lit to give these artists and writers a modern and collaborative platform to do so.

Our mission is to create beautiful art-forward children’s books—written and illustrated by the most exciting emerging artists—that children delight in having on their bookshelves and parents delight in having on their coffee tables. The art will be beautiful, but just as importantly, the content will have the focused purpose of helping kids understand and process emotion, build empathy, appreciate the natural world, and experience a sense of wonder. Lil Bit Lit wants to switch children on—their brains, their hearts—so they can experience moments of real connection with their family and world.”

My friend Jenny dropped off one of the prints from their book, A Raven’s Nest, and I absolutely LOVE it!  I know their first book is going to be awesome!  It’s “loosely based on the tale of a young girl (Raven) and her mischievous dog (Willie) on a journey to create their own nest. Using color to represent emotion, this book will teach children that it’s not only ok to experience a full range of feelings—from joy to sadness to fear—it is an ESSENTIAL, wonderful part of life.”  Can’t wait to read it to my littles!  Score your advanced copy here!

I’m such a bad wife, I posted it to Instagram on our anniversary, but forgot to post it to the blog.  Lanier and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary on Tuesday and dated six years before that.  Hard to believe we’ve been together for 20 years!  I’ve had some of y’all ask for some words of wisdom.  Oh goodness.  Well, for starters, don’t ever think you’re going to change someone.  I thankfully knew that going into our relationship.  I knew way back then that what I loved, I would always love.  And if there were things I didn’t like, then they weren’t going to get any better the longer we were together.

I know I don’t share too much on here about our relationship, out of respect for Lanier and “us”, but I will say, it’s impossible to think that you won’t have your differences.  It happens in every marriage.  If the love is there, then you can handle it and work it out.  Lanier and I are both very stubborn people too, so when we both think we’re right, I’m sure you can imagine how that goes.  Ha.  But in the long run, we know that communication is key.  Honestly, always working on that one.  To answer one of my questions I was asked for my Q & A post, no, we’ve never been to therapy.  Not that I’m against it, we’ve just never been.  I know, I know.  Pretty vague stuff.  But all in all, it’s all about love.  If it’s there, then you can handle anything.  I’m pulling up an old How I Do It post more on this topic on Monday, so stay tuned!

On another note, have y’all seen this new print from Lilly yet?  I love it so much!  Ordered it in this new style tank and little Lilly shifts so the girls and I can match.  I wasn’t sure about how the tank would fit, but after trying it on, I love how it fits, like I love it so much that I now want it in the navy AND white!

The navy and white would both go with so much this summer!  I just really love how the bottom is slightly looser and flowy, perfect for the summer heat.

Spend $800+ and receive a free sun canopy.  I’m planning on trying it out this weekend, so I’ll keep you posted on how well it works.

For more Lilly I’m loving, scroll below…

I was browsing cover-ups the other day, since I spend so much time on the water.  This one above has been my most favorite lately.  Scroll below to check out more of my faves…

J.Crew Factory is also running a pretty awesome sale, everything is 50% off!  Ordered these sequin pineapple tees for the girls, only $12.95 right now!

This cover-up is now 50% off! // Sunnies (also available here)

Scroll below to see more of my faves…

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Y’all, I posted everyday this week!  I told y’all I’m trying to be better about it.  I know I have my daily readers and some of you have reached out saying you miss hearing from me when I don’t post.  I’m hoping to keep this up, like I used to.  I promise I’ll be better organized and finally post my answers for the Q & A post.  To be honest, I feel like many of yours may have gotten lost amid the inundated flooding of spam emails and I may have missed some of them.  If you don’t mind, do you mind emailing me your questions again here, ask me anything.  And if you haven’t asked me a question, but want to, feel free!  This time write “Q & A” in your Subject Line.  Would help me out incredibly when searching for them!  Thanks so much!

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The kiddos left yesterday with my mom to head to Charlotte for Grandparents Camp.  Basically, the girls will head to my inlaws (also in Charlotte) and my parents will keep the boys.  Then halfway through the trip, they’ll switch and have some time with the other set.  I’ll head up to Charlotte early next week to visit everyone. A little fact, Lanier and I grew up at the same church and have known each other since third grade.  My parents and his parents have been friends for that long too.  We didn’t start dating until I was in high school and he was in college.  We’ve been so thankful that our parents have remained good friends over the years!  Lanier and I don’t have big plans for our kid-free weekend, mostly planning on boat days without the kids.  We’ll miss them, but it’ll be nice to have some time to ourselves to celebrate our anniversary.

I hope y’all have an awesome holiday weekend!  If you’re traveling, prayers for your safety!

TGIF, Y’all!