Pool/Beach Faves + Childrens’ Name Origins

Pool/Beach Picks

We have loved using all of these picks this summer so far!  Great for everyday use at the pool, beach, or wherever you’re headed this summer!

Lip Balm: Works great and my lips are never chapped.

Sunnies: Still some of my faves for the pool/beach, since they fit comfortably under my hat so well.

Sunscreen: I use this for my face every single day.  Not oily or dry.  Love it!  A little bit goes a long way too.

Corkcicle Thermos: Keeps my drink cold all day long!

Beach Towel: Hands down, best beach towel.  Love how thick it is!

Hat: I have way too many, but it’s exactly what I need when I’m in the sun as often as I am.

Yeti Cooler 12: I know I’ve raved about this cooler before, but it seriously is the best one.  Keeps everything so cold and I love the structure of it.

Hair Brush: Works so well on wet hair.

Pink Ball: We love this kind.  Skips so well on the water.

Corkcicle Cup: Great for boat days.  Love that it has a top that shuts.

Jack Jelly Sandals: I’ve loved this style for years and years for the pool.  Excited that they came out with them in stripes.  I have them in pink, but am tempted to grab the blue too.

Unicorn Float: We’ve always loved any kind of float for the beach or pool.  Wheeler got this one for her birthday and we’ve been using it non-stop.

Yeti Tumbler: If you’re looking for something a little larger than the Corkcicle Cup featured, this tumbler is it.  It also has a top that closes and keeps your drink super cold.  Comes in lots of pretty colors too.

Flip Flops: These are simple flops, but I’ve yet to have one blow out and I wear them a lot!  The rose gold is so pretty!

Apple Watch: I included this mostly because so many of you are fearful of wearing yours at the pool/beach, even though you know it’s waterproof.  I’ve yet to have issues with mine and swim with it all the time.

Stripe Strap: I tossed this in there because I’ve been searching for a fun color.  Be careful of the cheaper versions.  They don’t click in as tight and your watch base may fall off and crack.  I’ve been wary about which one to get.

Hair Ties: Hands down, my absolute faves!  Wear them every single day and they never leave creases.

Thanks for your suggestions on different sites to try for my collages, since Polyvore is gone.  Boohoo.  The one I created above is from a site called Finery, but I’m still having trouble cutting and pasting it to my site without it looking blurry.  Still on the hunt for the next best thing!

I’ve have a lot of readers recently ask about my childrens’ names.  I went back to see the last time I shared their names and origins and it was four years ago.  Hard to believe I’ve been at this blogging thing for over eight years!  Thanks for following along!

Meet Wheeler Beatrice (10 years old).
Wheeler was my husband’s great-grandmother’s maiden name.
Beatrice was my babysitter’s name, Miss Bea is what we called her.  A 74 year old that started babysitting six girls?!  How could I not name my first born after her.  For the first year, we called her Wheeler Bea, but eventually dropped it to just Wheeler.

Meet Evelene Virginia, “Effie” (8 1/2).
My mother’s mother (my grandmother) was Maisie Evelene and went by Effie.
Virginia was my husband’s great-grandmother’s name.

Meet Logan Lanier (6 1/2).
My great, great-grandfather’s name was Marcus Logan.
Lanier is my husband’s name.

Meet Vaughn Godwin (5 1/2).
My dad’s name is Winston Yuvawn.  We changed it a little, but wanted to name him after my dad.  Another sister had already named her son, Winston.
Godwin is my maiden name.

Wheeler was born in June 2008 and Effie was November 2009.  So they’re about 17 months apart.  21 months later, Logan was born in September 2011 and Vaughn was October 2012.  They’re 13 months apart.  So from the youngest to oldest, they’re 4 years and 4 months apart.  It was a busy time when they were little and it still is today but in different ways, but I’ve loved almost every minute of it…and I’m not just saying that. 😉

Finally, I’ll leave you with this summer steal! These calfhair sandals are only $19!  For fit, I’m an 8.5 and wear a 9 in them.

Happy Wednesday, Y’all!

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  1. I started reading back before you shared their full names!! Love hearing about their namesakes! 🙂

  2. I love the family connections to all their names!! All of Mine are also after our grandmothers, Claire Elizabeth,Norah Jo,Gretta Dalene. Love old names with meaning 💕

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