Special Dates + A Fave Blouse on Sale + Sales Ending at Midnight!

I hope y’all had a great weekend!  Since we had no real plans on Friday or Saturday night, I used it to clean and organize.  Lanier and I also finished the series I talked to y’all about here.  And I am so sad it’s over.  Seriously one of the best shows I’ve watched in a long time, with some of the best acting I’ve seen, hands down. No wonder it won so many awards in years past!  What show was it?  Breaking Bad.  NO SPOILERS HERE.  FYI, some of my other favorite shows are Friday Night Lights, Parenthood and Downton Abbey.  Don’t get me wrong, I watch as many reality tv shows as the next person (The Bachelor, Survivor, etc.), but these other shows are my favorites, based on the quality of acting and story lines.  I would say they’re all relatable, but I wouldn’t exactly say I could relate to Breaking Bad.  One thing’s for sure, if you ever have a chance to watch any of these shows, don’t start in the middle.  Yes, you’ll still probably watch a great show.  But knowing the stories from the beginning make them that much better.  Trust me.  Next show up for us?  House of Cards.
The girls had birthday parties on both Saturday and Sunday afternoon.  Since Lanier wanted to stay in and watch Carolina play on Saturday and get some work done on Sunday afternoon, he stayed with the boys while they napped, and the girls and I played.  Normally, the girls nap on the weekends too, but I didn’t have the heart to make one of them stay behind while the other got to go with me.  So on Saturday, Wheeler had a party to attend.  After dropping her off, I took Effie to the mall and then we both got treats, before having to go and pick up Wheeler.
While we were at the mall, we tried on different lipsticks.
I ended up getting matte lipsticks from Smashbox.  I’d been wanting to try a matte kind, and ended up leaving with both this Fushcia Flash and Electric Pink.
I told Effie she could choose one thing to pick out at the store for herself.  There were Elsa Dresses, glittery pink shoes, nail polish, all which she really liked, but she ended up choosing a stuffed animal named Boo.  Except she changed his name to Sparkle, and said it was “actually a girl, not a boy, Mama”.  Sparkle hasn’t left her arms since.
And of all the treats Effie could’ve chosen at the next spot, she went with a chocolate-covered strawberry.  She did choose a macaron, but the lady even said she wouldn’t like it.  I still bought a few, just so she could see what it tasted like.  She took one bite, and couldn’t even swallow it.  Tasted like roses.  The other flavor was chai tea.  Super yummy to me!
On Sunday, Effie was the one to attend a party, while Wheeler and I went and enjoyed ourselves with a late lunch and some shopping.
For her treat Wheeler picked out this little pig that shoots out balls.  And when we were checking out she REALLY wanted this stamper because “see Mama, the two birds are like me and Effie”.  She also grabbed some pink tissue paper, so she could make a piñata.  Her class makes them a lot at school, and parents buy them to raise money for their class.  She said she wanted to make one on her own.  A heart for Valentine’s Day to be exact.  Can’t wait to watch her attempt it!
Not sure if I’ll follow through with this, but I thought it would be a really cute idea!  If your child needs to bring in Valentine’s Cards, consider making it very personalized and order them from Minted.  How cool would this one be, where it has your child’s picture on it with a special message?  I know my girls would love it, instead of picking out yet another My Little Pony tear-out set from the drugstore, that three other girls in their class probably already have.  Just a thought!

So after posting about my love for this Joie Silk Blouse on Saturday’s post here, it’s now on sale!  For fit, I’m a 4/6, and wear a size small.  It’s currently 25% off at Piperlime with code: MUSTHAVE.  And it’s also on sale here too!
The other day I came across this Mara Hoffman Top.  Love it so much.  I wish it was closer to summer, so I’d have a reason for ordering it.  I guess if I ordered it now, I could anxiously await warm weather, so I could wear it.
Serena & Lily’s 25% off all bedding event, ends at midnight.  Use code: FRESH at check-out.  We have this Celadon Sheet Set and love it!
All full-priced items are currently 25% off at Piperlime with code: MUSTHAVE.
Hurry though, this offer ends at midnight!
If you’ve been wanting a Clare V Clutch
…or a pretty Kate Spade Necklace, take advantage now!
J.Crew is offering 25% off select items with code: FINDAFAVE.  This Messenger Bag would make a great Valentine’s gift for a significant other, currently 25% off.  Monogram it for an additional $10.
I hope y’all have a wonderful start to your week!  I know the Northeast is about to get hit with a huge winter storm.  Stay warm!

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