Tuesday Trends: Get Fit Style

Still one of my favorite motivational images/messages.
Was anyone’s New Year’s Resolution to get fit?  This year, mine was to get fit, and be more consistent about it.  Every time I put it off, then eventually go work-out or go on a run, I always finish it and think “Why am I not doing this everyday?”  The way I feel when I’m finished should be evidence enough that I need to keep it up.  Sometimes, life gets in the way.  I know y’all understand that as much as I do, so the challenge is squeezing it in.  Somedays it’s definitely harder than others, but if you really want to get fit, and stay fit, exercise needs to happen – something to get active everyday.  For some of you, I’m not talking a serious sweat session everyday, even just a walk around the block is better than sitting on the couch all day long.
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 Patagonia Down Sweater Jacket (I’m a 4/6, wearing a Medium – good to go up a size, if you want room to wear a sweater underneath) // Nike Epic Run Tights // Nike Free 5.0 Running Shoes // S’well Water Bottle // Nike Half-Zip Top

Let’s be real though, I never wear my hair down when I work-out.  It’s always pulled up in a ponytail, and on most days I wear a hat.  I’ve tried numerous headbands, but nothing keeps the hair out of my face and sun out of my eyes like a good hat.  As far as ponytail holders go, I love my Emi-Jay Hair Ties.  This pack has been my favorite!  Ever since I tried them the first time, I was hooked.  It never leaves a dent or pulls at my hair like other ones do.

Many of you have asked what I wear when I run.  If we’re talking activewear + Nordstrom, my go-to has always been Nike.  I’ve been a Nike girl since my days of collecting Nike Tempo Shorts in every color combo in college.  Still love wearing them!  And when it comes to running shoes, I’ve been sold on Nike Frees for over two years.  I just love the way they feel on my feet when I run, they’re lightweight and they always come out with fun colors each season.

Every so often I buy new ones, and honestly each time I always choose a variation on the color pink.  This year my pair is neon pink.  And let me tell you, the photos here don’t do them justice.  They’re even brighter in person.  The laces are black right now, but I may decide to swap them out for another color later.  But that’s a simple fix.  For fit, they run true to size.

I’m always worried that when Nike comes out with new colors in the Frees each season that they’ll change the style and fit, but in my opinion, this go-round they feel just as good as my first pair!  I realize it may be hard to decide what shoe size to wear.  And getting the right size is very important for so many reasons.  That’s what I love about Nordstrom.  While I’m lucky enough to have a Nordstrom in town to try on a range of sizes, I know many of you don’t have that luxury.  I know I’ve said it plenty of times before, but returning items to Nordstrom is so easy.  I’d suggest ordering two different sizes, then just returning the pair that didn’t work for you.  Your package comes with a sticky return address label.  All you have to do is stick it on, and pop it in the mail.  And as always, returning items at Nordstrom is FREE!

The Nike Half-Zip Top is a great little top that I wear often, available in an array of colors.  Paired it here with my Nike Epic Run Tights.  As far as sizing in the top, I’m a 4/6 and actually wear a medium in the Half-Zip.  I like having it a little roomier to be able to pair it with a thick top underneath if need be.  My Yurbuds Sport Armband is over two years old and I’ve never had a problem with it.  Loved it so much that I gifted one to my sister two Christmases ago.

Speaking of gifts…my sister gave me this S’well Water Bottle for Christmas and I love it!  I love rewarding myself with a tasty energy drink after I work-out, but water is just as refreshing (especially on days when I’ve run out of other drinks).  What’s cool about the S’well Water Bottle is that it keeps cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours.  Nordstrom has a variety of colors available.  Check them all out here.  I LOVE the design my sister got me!

I just started wearing these Zella Socks for my runs.  I really got them because I liked the colors, but they do keep my feet nice and cushioned on my runs too.

When I run, my style is pretty simple, in basic colors.  If we’re talking about pilates, yoga, etc. my mindset is always, the funkier, the better.  Love my bright, printed leggings.  Anything to motivate me to work-out on days when I’m just not that into it, works for me.  How pretty are all of these designs above?

The other day, I ran with the boys in my Double BOB Stroller.  It was a serious work-out, but like I’ve always said, one of the best investments I’ve ever made was purchasing this stroller.  I ordered it from Nordstrom a year after Effie was born (2010 I think?).  I knew after that first night of Halloween, toting the girls around in it, I was hooked.  I know you’re asking why I ordered a Double BOB from Nordstrom of all places?  Well, remember, Nordstrom price matches.  I searched all over for the best deal, and called them and they matched the price.  I can’t remember now how much I saved, but it was a lot.  I still store our Double BOB in the back of our suburban, and continue to use it daily!  It’s one of the only double strollers out there that can fit a 5 and 6-year old comfortably.  We even brought it to Disney World with us last year, when we took the girls, and I cannot tell you what a lifesaver it was!  Seriously, if you’re considering a double stroller, get this one.  I used the infant carrier insert for Logan and Vaughn when they were babies and it worked like a charm.  Easy assembly too.
Alright, now who’s ready to get out and get fit?
Happy Tuesday, Y’all!
A big thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post. As always, all outfit choices and opinions are my own.

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  1. These outfit ideas are awesome! I have a hard time sticking to my workout routines, and I also have that feeling after a good workout "Why don't I do this every day!". Hopefully this will be the year it sticks for me too!

    Thanks for sharing!

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