Our Pawley’s Island Trip: Part Three

So every year the kids always create a performance for the parents.  Two years ago, they performed Beauty and the Beast, complete with lyrics and dance scenes.  Last year, it was The Greatest Showman.  And this year, it was Aladdin.  And it was awesome!  Wheeler and Effie, being two of the oldest, always prepare weeks in advance with scripts and dance routines and even include the youngest cousins which is the sweetest!

They have costume changes, which basically included the girls changing into lots of dresses they brought from home.  Effie was the genie so she chose blue dresses.

They forgot the boys’ outfits, so they had to improvise.  Vaughn was Aladdin.

Jasmine and Aladdin on their magic carpet.

The final bow.

Cast member photo!

Always such a fun week!  Can’t wait until next year!

As soon as I saw these suits (girls // boys) and the pattern, I knew I wanted them for the kids!  The girls suits fit true to size.  The boys are a little small, so I went up a size.

I have these wedges in a similar style and have loved wearing them all summer!  I just found the same style with a little different top, but just as cute and on MAJOR sale!  For fit, I’m an 8.5 and wear a 39 in them.

Head over here for Part One and Part Two of our Pawley’s Trip!  We’re headed out to another summer destination on Sunday, can’t wait to share it with y’all.  We’re living it up here until school starts back!

2 thoughts on “Our Pawley’s Island Trip: Part Three

  1. This post cracked me up – Wheeler and I must be kindred spirits (although she may not be as bossy lol)! I was the oldest of our families and would write, direct and costume design a Christmas play each year for my poor brother and cousins to act in. We still laugh about them to this day, hopefully your kids and nieces/nephews will look back fondly on this tradition, too!

    1. Oh they love it! And especially love the fact that they all get to be included. 😉

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