Life Lately: Summer Days!

After a week at the beach, we were excited to have a week at home!

Lots of questions about this dress.  It’s an old Mara Hoffman dress from a few years ago.

On Saturday night, Lanier and I headed to our friends’ house to celebrate her birthday!  Always a blast with this crew!

Wheeler turned 11 on June 18th.  We had to postpone her birthday party due to my grandfather’s passing last month.  She was so sweet and completely understood that we’d need to change the party to a later date.  Well, let’s just say she had  the BEST time ice skating with all of her friends!  Summer parties are tricky because lots of families have trips and camps, but almost all of her friends she invited showed up today, which made it even more special!  For those that know sweet Wheeler Bea, she has the kindest heart and I’m so happy we got to celebrate her birthday.  After the party she exclaimed “this was the best birthday EVER!” as she unknowingly says every single year!

We saw The Lion King in 3D and the boys were literally on the edge of their seats excited to watch it!

The girls loved it too!  Pumbaa was definitely our favorite character!  Someone pointed out that Wheeler looks like she doesn’t have an arm and only a hand.  Didn’t even notice when I posted this!  Hilarious!  The girls are wearing these shirts and I’m wearing these sunnies.

One of Vaughn’s tubes that was put in last year was a little blocked, so we had to get it fixed.  An easy appointment though, thank goodness!

We went out last week to celebrate my best friend Lindsey’s birthday!

My sister came in town last week, so we got some much needed family time with her crew!  We hit up Fort Moultrie, then Mex-1 and finally the beach!  Riding the waves has been their favorite thing to do lately!

We’ve enjoyed the waves so much, that we went back the next day.  Wearing these sunnies and this hat is old, but I found another one I like equally as much here.

Love the colors of this wrap!

The kids had a great dentist visit!  Logan made this for me while we were waiting!

Sweet sisters in their matching nightgowns.  Found them on sale here.

Sunnies // Tank

Since I finally had a week at home, I got as many errands run as possible.

I also started back my daily runs on August 1st.  Attempting to close out all of my rings for August!

On Friday night, we headed to the baseball game.  This time Lanier got to join us and we were so happy he finally got to experience how much fun we have here.

A big thank you to Ben, Walter and the Riverdogs for letting us go under the stadium and have batting practice.  They noted that Lanier had an awesome swing.  He loved it!

Hard to believe this is the view from the back of the stadium!

We’re hoping to get in at least one more game before the season is over!  Remember, you can take $2 off your ticket with code: SWEETSOUTHERNPREP.  We seriously have the BEST time whenever we go!

I hope y’all are having a great week so far!  We’re at the lake this week!  Cannot wait to share where we’re staying with you when we get back!  It’s been the best week!