Our Mountain Weekend: Part One

Over the weekend, we headed with friends to their family’s mountain cabin over the weekend. Located right outside of Asheville, NC in Burnsville.

We were so excited to be leaving the high 90s heat for much cooler weather!  Wearing this headband, tee and necklace.

Y’all, it was seriously in the 50s at night and in the 70s during the day with no humidity!

Wearing the comfiest swingy sweatshirt.  Comes in lots of colors too.

The girls were off on a hike to a watering hole.

Logan loving on our friends’ dog named Tickle.

We seriously could’ve stayed all week!  So we obviously had to make the most of our long weekend.  Just so thankful the weather was perfect too!  Wearing this hoodie that’s supposed to be a coverup, but you could totally pull it off as a pullover when the weather gets cooler.  Wearing these sunnies.

I tried to run when I could while I was here.  This water was in the low 60s and was amazingly refreshing on my joints!  Wearing this swim top.

As always, Vaughn was eager to find any organisms crawling in the water.  He called this crawdad a “baby lobster.”  He loved finding salamanders too.

Sweet Tickle.

Having the BEST time!

The first full day we were there was amazing!  We were excited for more fun the next day!

Stay tuned for Part 2 coming up!