Our Mountain Weekend: Part Two

The next morning, it was in the high 50s – the perfect mountain morning weather!  Happy to cozy up in this cardigan.  Seriously the softest fabric ever!

We then set off for some fly fishing.  Our friend was the perfect guide!  I had a lot of you asked the location of the water hole where we played and lounged.  This is all on their property in Burnsville.

So many awesome catches!

How beautiful is this one?

Such a fun morning!

Wore this sweater.

Later on, we went back to swim and relax near the creek.

And then checked out some amazing views close to bedtime.

When I posted this swing to stories, I had a lot of you ask where it was from.  It’s from here.  Seriously thinking about getting one for our backyard.  The kids loved it!  Wheeler got this comfy top and pants right before the trip.  Wish they both came in my size!

These wildflowers Wheeler picked don’t even seem real!

The kids were just as sad as we were to leave on Monday!  Much too short of a trip!

We’ve already agreed that we’re making another mountain trip happen again in the near future.  Don’t get me wrong, we love our salty air and sandy beaches, but it’s fun to change up the scenery every now and then.

I hope y’all have a great weekend!  Virtual school started for us this week and so far it’s going pretty smoothly!  Next week, they all start their full days, so that’ll be more interesting.  But I’m praying they can do it!

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