Life Lately + Ran My 150th Day in a Row!

This past Sunday, I ran my 150th day in a row!  Went out to Capers to run it!  Wearing this tank, this sports bra and these shorts.

While I was out there, I captured some pretty cool pics.

With their cute cousin!

We’re having a great week so far!  The weather has been absolutely beautiful here and we’ve had the best time with my inlaws, and the cousins are loving every minute of hanging out together.  We didn’t travel far, but it’s still away from our home and that’s a vacation in and of itself.  Our first vacay since February!

So yesterday I was getting off the boat and my phone fell in the water.  The current was so strong!  RIP phone, right?  Well, thankfully yesterday there was a negative tide so we hung out on the beach for a few hours and guess what showed up FOUR HOURS later?  My phone!  And it was still working, after being under the water that long.  You can imagine how excited I was to get it back.  Unfortunately, it still turns on now, but the touch screen won’t work anymore.  Taking it in today to see if it can be fixed.  Not very hopeful, but we shall see!