Our Christmas Eve

All packaged and wrapped for Christmas!

Our Christmas Eve tradition has always been to go to a hibachi restaurant, but this year it was closed.  So we ordered Chinese instead.

Wheeler asked for a surfboard for her birthday…back in June.  It was a tad bit belated, but it arrived on Christmas Eve!  She’s so excited to use it and already wants a wet suit to get out in the water as soon as she can!

Sweet Boozer Boy, celebrating his 14th Christmas with us!

For the past four years, we’ve had an ongoing tradition of caroling to all our neighbors’ houses.  This year the children caroled to 20 houses!  Even when it started pouring, they didn’t care and kept on going!

Wore this dress with these earrings (currently 50% off!).

Always a favorite, watching The Family Stone.

Every year on Christmas Eve, we hang stockings and record the children singing a Christmas song and ask them questions about the past year.  This was a tradition I grew up doing with my family and it’s always been one of my favorites.  We love going back and looking at home videos.

We ended the evening watching Prancer.  It was the first time the kids had seen it.  Definitely a sad one, but they loved it!

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