Our Christmas Day

We took these photos a few weeks ago and I just love them so very much!  It was 40 degrees that day, so I was super grateful the kids were troopers and didn’t complain!  I’d actually planned on taking just a couple photos of the girls with me, but my friend and amazing photographer Sara Liz asked the boys to get out of the car and they hopped in some of them too.  So grateful!  They turned out so well!  I laughed that this photo above captures all of the emotions of the holiday season.  Haha.

I’m wearing this dress.  Runs big.  Went down a size.  Wearing a 4.  Paired them with these earrings and these heels.  The girls are wearing this one and these sandals.

And a flashback to 2017 when they could all sit on the same step.

And then 2018.

And then barely squeezing in 2019.

They all shot up this past year.  This year, there was no way they were squeezing on one step!

Boozer’s Tacky Sweater!

Effie got a miniature American Girl and it’s the cutest thing!

Effie got this little set!  This was my childhood, complete with the Care Bear sleeping bag!

Wheeler’s already taught herself how to play the ukulele and acoustic guitar, so she asked for an electric guitar this year and Santa brought it!  She was so excited!

I hope y’all had a very Merry Christmas!