My Trip So Far + Hayden Reis Sale!

It’s Friday!  I made it safely to Dallas around 2pm yesterday, and have been having so much fun.  I flew to Houston first, then Dallas, hence the two pics of different wings.  Same row, different flights. Oh, and this is how often I don’t travel via air…I was flying Southwest and boarded the plane looking on my ticket for a seat number.  The sweet stewardess had to let me know that there aren’t assigned seats.  Who knew?  I was lucky and scored window seats both times though.  Hoping I can get that lucky on the flights home.
While I miss the kiddos so much already, I’ll have to admit it was nice to wake up this morning and stay in bed for a little while.  No need to jump up and make breakfast or get someone ready for school or change a diaper.  Yes, it was pretty nice.  I obviously don’t take these trips that often, but I do think they’re healthy.  It feels good to be missed.  And when Sunday rolls around, those hugs are going to feel so awesome!
 I’ll still have a Wednesday Whereabouts post next week summing up the weekend, but I wanted to share a few pics from last night’s event!  The Joule Hotel (where we’re staying and where we stayed last year too) has a rooftop pool and bar.  Last night’s event was hosted by Stuart Weitzman and we had the best time.  Really tasty cocktails and fun little appetizers.  Aren’t those hydrangeas floating in the pool beautiful?
I’ll be sharing the cocktail I’m drinking next week!
I was so excited to get to wear my new Tory Burch Dress for the first time!  And lucky you, it’s part of the Spring Event going on now.  Use code: SPRING at check-out and take 20% off.  In case you missed yesterday’s post, I shared more of my favorites from the sale.  Still have this dress in my cart!  I’m also hoping the weather will clear up today, so we can have some pool time after meetings, and I can wear my new sunnies.

For meetings today, I’ll be wearing this Equipment Dress, now on sale and these wedges.  I apologize for the messy background.  I was packing.  And while we finally received our new bed, I still have our new bedding in boxes.  Hoping to get all of that out when I get back.

Tonight, we have a cocktail party and I brought both of these dresses in green and lilac.  Still can’t decide which one to choose.  What do you think?
Wanted to let you know that Hayden Reis just started a sale.  They don’t have sales that often, so take advantage now.  Use code: MOMSANDGRADS at checkout and take 20% off your purchase of $50+.  Offer ends Sunday at midnight.
Their pool bags are made of sailcloth, and are pretty much amazing!  They’d make a great gift for Mother’s Day or for a graduate.  I’ve had mine for so long, and it’s still my go-to tote at the pool.  Have been using mine every pool day for the last two summers.  There are so many pockets, it’s a great size and the tote just wipes clean.  Trust me, you will LOVE it!  And if you’re gifting it, they will love it too.  And you can personalize it with a monogram, to make an even more thoughtful gift!
Hayden Reis recently teamed up with Waiting On Martha, and just debuted the prettiest collection.  Love the classic colors on this one.
I always use mine like this for storing my phone, keys, etc. while I’m at the pool.  Aren’t the little cactus and pineapple so cute?
I hope y’all have a great weekend!

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