My New Uggs!

Thank you SISTERS!  I know you have no idea what I’m talking about, but with all of your gift certificates for my birthday and Christmas, to Victoria’s Secret, I was able to buy these Ugg Classic Short Boots.  Can you believe they carry them?  They only ended up costing me $47 because shipping was free too!

In a previous post I said I wanted some new slippers, well these will do as my new house slippers.  I’m hoping they’ll last a lot longer than my Old Navy ones, that lasted oh about THREE months!  Holes were worn out in both slippers, and the foam was getting all over the house!  I know I told you I wanted to get some other items from VS (you know what I mean) but I decided to get something I’d use a lot more.  I hope y’all don’t mind.  And thanks again!

3 thoughts on “My New Uggs!

  1. Love them! And of course, Daphne has some of those in dark brown. She wanted to get me some for Christmas, but when she asked Ray he told her I probably wouldn't like them! Ha!

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