My Make-Up Routine: 10 Easy Steps

Every six months or so I share my make-up routine with you.  It rarely changes, but I will say that lipsticks are a big part of my make-up now, and they never used to be a little over a year ago.

My Make-Up Routine in 10 Easy Steps

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1. Apply YSL Concealer on any small blemishes on my face.  This is a new step and I don’t necessarily do this every time I wear make-up, but it’s a nice touch to cover up any blemishes.  And this one works wonders!  Since I have more of an olive skin tone, I wear this in #3 Light Peach.  If you have trouble with dark under eye circles, read the reviews, women are in love with this product, raving it looks like they’ve gotten 8 hours of sleep.
2. Apply Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow in Bone with this Eyeshadow Brush.  I even dust it over my eyelashes.  I think it helps my mascara stay on better.
3. Apple Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow in Espresso as my eye liner, with this Cream Shadow Brush.  For daytime, I apply it dry, and for evening, I apply it wet.  I’m thinking of maybe switching this up for the new year and trying out the Rich Navy color instead.
4. Apply Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in Golden Light on forehead, sides of face, hollows of cheek bones and jawbone with this Bronzer Brush.  I love it more than others because it doesn’t have that shimmer effect that many do, it only shapes and contours my face.
5. Apply NARS Blush in Orgasm on my cheeks as a base color with this Blush Brush.  Love how it gives my face a healthy glow.
6. Apply a light touch of NARS Blush in Desire. It’s a really bright pink, so make sure you only apply a little of it on the apples of your cheeks.
7. Curl eyelashes with this Shiseido Eyelash Curler.
8. Apply Dior Overcurl Mascara.  I don’t have much curl in my lashes, and this mascara does the trick, especially after I used the curler.  To separate any lashes, I used this Eyelash Comb (also available here).
9. Apply nude Dior Lip Liner (sold out, similar here). I like to line my lips with this, before applying my lip sticks and stains, so it doesn’t run.
10. Apply a lipstick or lip stain.  See below for my favorite colors.
Applying all of this make-up doesn’t take me long, and it lasts all day!

To clean my brushes, I’ve always used this Bobbi Brown Brush Cleaner.

Favorite Lipsticks

For someone who rarely wore lipstick just a little over a year ago, it’s so funny to me that now I’m in love with it.  And for as much as I love these lipsticks that were my favorites at the end of last year…

YSL in 34 Rose Asarine (a bright pink) // YSL in 19 Fuchsia in Rage (a magenta) // Bobbi Brown Coral Gables (a coral/red pink) // YSL Lip Stain in 45 Rose Amazone (a very bright pink) //  YSL Lip Stain in 44 Rose Feu

…all of my new favorite lipsticks this year are all matte, rather than the glossy kinds above.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love glossy lips, but this year I’ve really been loving the matte look and am just so impressed at well it stays on.  Sometimes if I’ve worn it the night before, it still shows up the next day.  The ones below are my absolute favorites, for that fun pop of color…

Both Smashbox Electric Pink (hot, neon pink) & Fuchsia Flash (purplish pink) are being discontinued I think.  I did manage to find them, but not many are left! // MAC Candy Yum-Yum (hot pink with a slight purple undertone) // Bobbi Brown Calypso (bright red with slight coral undertone)

I store all of my make-up on a shelf in my bathroom in this little acrylic bin.  So easy to move around my bathroom, and perfect for organizing everything.  I’m also loving this one, as well.

Happy Tuesday!

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