My Hair Care Routine + An OOTD

After posting my skincare and make-up routine in previous posts, I had many of you ask if I’d share my haircare routine.  First off, I wanted to share my hair story with you…

My Hair Story

I think 8th grade was when I first started playing around with my hair, much to my mother’s dismay.  Basically, I went on a family beach trip with one of my friends and came back with orange hair.  We’d used Sun-In the entire week and loved that it was lightening our hair.  Little did I know then how horrible Sun-In was for your hair.  Back then, you couldn’t Google answers, like you can now.  My mom tried taking me to a salon she frequented, and they turned me away saying they don’t deal with Sun-In hair.  As a last resort, my mom called the back of the box of a hair coloring company, and they were kind enough to talk her through how to deal with my hair.  Long story short, she had to dye it really strawberry red, then used a dark brown to get it back to more of my natural color.  After that, I still played around with my hair color, but never to that extreme.

When I was 16, my friend found my first white hair when she was braiding it.  I can still remember it like it was yesterday.  At an early age, I started getting white hair.  I would get it colored my natural dark color, but within two weeks, I would have white hair growing in on my temples.  I guess it’s a blessing and a curse, but my hair grows really fast.  My hair isn’t white all over, but I’m sure it will be eventually.  Currently, I have a white headband and the rest of my hair is salt & pepper.  The maintenance to tend to those pesky white hairs around my temples that would grow in too fast simply got too annoying.  I was having to get it colored every 3-4 weeks.  I did try root spray which worked well, but the fact that I only wash it 1-2 times per week, when I’d use the root spray, my clean hair wouldn’t last as long.

Finally, I’d had enough and decided to go lighter.  I’m now able to go 5-6 weeks between colorings, since my white hair that grows in around my face blends with the blonde, ten times better.  I know it’s still pretty often that I have to get it colored, but my hair is honestly just a pain in the butt.  I so wish it would be less maintenance and I could go without coloring it as often, but my hair just won’t let me do that.  I know it’s not everyone’s favorite color for me, but it’s what’s easiest and I’m embracing the blonde!

Still can’t get over how full the palm trees are here!  I can’t stop taking pictures of all the lush scenery!

On How I Care for My Hair…

Since going blonde, I’ve been so careful with my hair.  Especially since I do use heated products, I was worried my hair would eventually start breaking off.  And I’m so attached to my long hair.  I’ve had short hair a few times in my life, and totally regretted it even two days after getting it cut.  I guess I just love playing with my hair…a french braid, a pony tail, top knot, you name it.  As for what color and cut Lanier likes, I get that question a lot.  He’s always just said he likes it when I change it up every once in awhile.  He doesn’t like the same look everyday.

In the Shower:

Oribe Bright Blonde Shampoo

Oribe Conditioner for Brilliance & Shine

After Shower (on damp hair):

Oribe Volumista (I spray this only on the crown of my head for volume.)

Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil (Use four drops (about a nickel/quarter size in my hand) and massage onto my ends.)

Hair Dryer

Brush (I’ve honestly used this brush for over ten years.  I’ve tried others and always come back to this brush.  *Receive travel-size samples of Rosemary Mint Body Lotion (1.7 oz.) and smooth infusion™ Glossing Straightener (1.4 oz.) with your $50 Aveda purchase. A $23 value.

After Blow-Dry

Oribe Smooth Style Serum (Squeeze a nickel-size amount in my palm and apply to the top layer of my hair and onto any flyaways.)

With your purchase of any Oribe products, receive all of this (while supplies last):

Receive a patent cosmetics case and deluxe samples of Goldfaden MD Brightening Elixir (0.16 oz.), Smith & Cult The Shining Lip Lacquer in Hi-Speed Sonnet (0.16 oz.), DERM iNSTITUTE Anti-Oxidant Hydration Gel Masque (two 1.0-oz. packets), Kat Burki Vitamin C Intensive Face Cream (0.17 oz.), Philip B® White Truffle™ Ultra-Rich Moisturizing Shampoo (0.5 oz.), Kevyn Aucoin The Flesh Tone Lip Pencil in Medium-Neutral Nude (0.024 oz.), Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub (1.35 oz.), EVE LOM Rescue Mask (0.49 oz.), Malin + Goetz Detox Face Mask (0.13 oz.), Malin + Goetz Vitamin E Face Moisturizer (0.1 oz.), 111 Skin & Theorem Repair Serum (0.35 oz.) and Malin + Goetz Grapefruit Face Cleanser (1.0 oz.) with your $150 SPACE.NK.apothecary purchase. A $213 value.

I clearly love Oribe products!  From the amazing smell to how well it works on my hair, it was hard for me to stray from the Oribe line.  But I’ve tried a few other products that I’m loving too…

For an extra color boost, apply this Rita Hazan Shine Gloss to your hair right after you shampoo.  You can either rinse the foam right away or leave it on for 3 minutes for an extra color boost.

I don’t use hair spray that often, but when I do, I LOVE this Ouai Hair Spray.  It lasts forever and isn’t sticky at all.

This R + Co High Dive leave-in conditioner smells sooooo good!  I’ve used it a few times instead of the Oribe Hair Oil before blow-drying, and it’s really helped calm my frizz.

If you’re looking for a detangler that works well and smells AH-mazing, get this Styling Primer.  Mist it on your hair before you blow-dry and you’ll fall in love.  Bonus!  The coconut-water and oil helps protect your hair against heat and static.

I’ve talked about this product before, but I love this hair conditioning Olaplex treatment.  To keep my ends from getting dry, especially on boat rides, I apply this to my hair.  It’s better to apply it when your hair is dirty, just wet your hair then apply.  After I apply it all over, I usually put it in a french braid or bun, then I’m good to go.

Now, onto my absolute FAVORITE product I use on my hair…

The Beachwaver (1 1/4″)!  Y’all, this product has been a godsend!  Up until last summer, I always used a straightener to get my waves.  The Beachwaver was on sale during Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale this past summer, so I decided to try it out.  And after using it the first time, I knew I’d found my new favorite for getting my beach waves.  Plus, it’s super easy to use!  I’ve had some of you ask if I’ve ever tried to extensions for more fullness or if I had regular blow-outs.  I’ve always thought about extensions, but know they’d be too much of a pain and too much maintenance for me, so I’ve never gotten them.  The first blow-out I’ve ever had, aside from when I’ve gotten my hair colored, was about a month ago.  My sisters actually gave me a gift card for my birthday to a blow-out salon a few years ago, but that’s when I chose a new hair dryer, instead of getting a blow-out.

To get these particular waves I had yesterday, I just clamped my hair a little further up the hair shaft before pushing the button to curl it.  If you use a different tool, and  have mastered one side and are having trouble perfecting the other, that’s where the Beachwaver is awesome.  You choose which side of your hair you want to curl and click on R or L, so the curler switches which way it curls your hair. // Winking Straw Hat // Bikini Top (only $36!)

Yesterday’s OOTD

We are having the BEST time in Sanibel so far!  I had no idea when we booked this spot that it would be as awesome as it is!  I can’t wait to share more pics of our trip with you soon!

My Girls

What I Wore

Tank (Love this new tank.  I’m always a fan of nothing too fitted, and this one is just flowy enough. Fit is true to size.  Also available here.) // Shorts (I’ve worn these cutoffs two days in a row now.  Be sure and size down one size, as they do run a little big.) // Sandals (Fit is true to size) // Clutch // Necklace (Loved the purple one so much, I decided to order this color too. You can’t beat $38!) // Sunglasses

I hope y’all are having a great week so far!  Can’t wait to share more pics of our trip.  Absolutely loving it here in Sanibel!

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    1. I just grab a section and go around my head. I don’t pin back each section. And then if I want to add more, I just pull random sections from the top.

  1. Ashley, I think your hair always looks so pretty! I will have to get brave and try a Beachwaver–I’ll add it to my Nordy’s anniversary sale list. Glad y’all are enjoying Sanibel. I’ve never been to that part of the Gulf; we love the 30A beaches like Seaside and Rosemary but the weather can be cooler this time of year than what you probably are having in Sanibel. Have fun!

  2. Girl, feeling your pain. First white hair around age 16. Uggggghhhhhhh. Color it every 3 weeks now b/c I haven’t gotten sensible enough to do something like you and just go lighter!!

  3. Your lashes look amazing!! Any secret other than great mascara? I also really love the slightly less curled waves you tried out, it looks really fresh and modern!

    1. Thanks, girl! 😉 I use Latisse to make them longer. It doesn’t make them thicker or more curled, just longer. Since I have majorly straight lashes, I still have to use an eyelash curler to get them to curl at all.

  4. What do you think of the quality of the BaubleBar necklace? I think they are so cute, but with the price being such a ‘deal’ I worry about the quality. Would love to know your thoughts!

    Side note – I’m a long time reader and absolutely love your blog!

  5. You have the best tan all the time! Do you just have naturally amazing skin tone or do you ever use any self-tanner?

  6. Don’t you just love Captiva?! We stay at South Seas every year and the staff and facilities are amazing! I also love that we can bring our boat down and have docking availability! If you get the chance – go eat at the Bubble Room. It’s so eccentric, but the food and dessert especially are amazing! The Key Lime Cafe is also a good choice. Can’t wait to read about your trip and where you go!

    Long time reader – love hearing updates!

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