My Hair & Body Go-Tos

Olaplex No. 8 // Kevin Murphy Re.Store // Molton Brown Cypress & Sea Fennel // Lily & Magnolia Blossom // Heavenly Gingerberry // Isdin Lambdapil // In-Shower Body Lotion // Milkshake No Frizz // Neuma Shampoo // Neuma Detangling Rinse // Oribe Conditioner // Olaplex No. 3 // HUM Hair Sweet Hair

Y’all have been asking for an update on my hair routine for awhile now, so here you go!  I know everyone is different about how they take care of their hair.  Some people are loyal to only one line and others like to mix and match.  I’m with the latter.  I used to think you had to use one line for it to truly be effective on your hair.  I was wrong.  I was finding that my hair was getting used to the same products when I was using them over and over again and then it started not working as well.  So here’s what all I use.  Yes, all of it.  I love to mix everything and I’ve found that it works for my hair!

Neuma Shampoo

I’ve been using this shampoo for about two months and loving it so far!  Love how thick it is and it really tones my hair well.

Neuma Detangling Rinse // Oribe Conditioner

I mix these two conditioners together.

Kevin Murphy Re.Store

I apply a little of this to the ends of my hair when the other conditioner is on it.

Molton Brown Cypress & Sea Fennel  // Lily & Magnolia Blossom // Heavenly Gingerberry

I used to use the same shower gel every single day.  Now I have about four different scents that I use depending on how I’m feeling that day.  Sometimes my joints need something invigorating like Eucalyptus and others I just want something fresh that smells super clean like my Lily & Magnolia scent.

Milkshake No Frizz // Olaplex No. 3

After the shower, I mix these two ingredients to my damp hair, then blowdry it.

Dyson Hair Dryer

I use this hair dryer…

Paddle Brush

…with this brush.


I straighten it with this one.  Love this one.

Isdin Lambdapil

For helping keeping my hair healthy, I’ve recently started taking a few things.  I’m at about a month on this one and can already see a difference.

HUM Hair Sweet Hair

And I’ve been taking these for a few months now and it’s making my hair grow!

In-Shower Body Lotion

One thing I use every single time I shower is my in-shower body lotion.  I’ve never liked applying lotion after I shower because I never feel like it really soaked in well enough and I hated the way it would be sticky on my clothes.  With the in-shower body lotion, I apply it at the end of my shower, give myself a really quick rinse then get out.  Simple as that.

Olaplex No. 8

This mask has been awesome!  I put it on my ends dry before bed about once a week then shampoo it out in the morning.  Makes the biggest different on my hair!

So there you have it – my most recent haircare routine!  As for how often I color my hair, I get highlights every 8 weeks and no longer do all over color.

Happy Thursday!

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