Top Rated Toys by Kids!

Hot Wheels Massive Loop // Giant Sorry Game // LEGO Fish Tank // Bluetooth Speakers  Hoverboard // V-Tech Camera // Spider-Man Super Web Slinger // Nerf Hyper Mach Gun // Kinetic Sand // Dirt Bike // Supreme Big Wheel Scooter // Raya and The Last Dragon // Snackin’ Grogu

As y’all know, the holidays are right around the corner.  And if you’re busy like I am, I’m always on the hunt for the best gifts out there.  Well, Walmart always shares the best gifts, and not only do they choose their faves, they let the kids rate them!  So all of these toys I’m sharing today are top rated by kids!  See them all here.  Even when I showed them the collage above, they wanted one of everything!

We absolutely LOVE this giant Sorry! board!  I had no idea these even existed.  There are other available too, like Clue and Candyland.  Such a cool concept.

I’d originally planned on getting this V-Tech Print Camera for Vaughn, but Effie saw it and wanted to try it out.  It prints out photos on paper and she just loves it!

Kinetic Sand is a no-brainer around here.  My kids first played with it at my parents house and loved it.  If you haven’t tried it out yet, you should!  Mine just love it!  I can definitely see why it was a top rated toy by kids at Walmart.

So the boys love these NERF guns, but let me tell you, make sure they wear the eye wear.

I couldn’t believe that the pellets were so hard, but they love playing with them.  I need to get them a target.  They accidentally hit me with one and it definitely left a mark.  There are refill packs available on these too.

I could go on and on about how cool so many of these gifts are!  To check out more toys from Walmart that were top rated by gifts, head over here.  They have toys for all ages available.

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Thanks to Walmart for their partnership on this post.