Loving Lately: Top 10 for Fall!

Clip Dot Dress // Clogs //  Slouch Pointed Toe Boots // Crewneck Sweater // Lip Color in Paradiso // Woven Sandal // Power Glow Peel // Topknot Earrings // Sandals // Leopard Tiered Dress

I figured I hadn’t done one of these in forever and with the change in temps thought this would be the perfect time to share what I’m loving lately for Fall!


Okay, so to be honest, clogs never went out of style for me, but this season they’re official “IN” again.  I’ve found some amazing ones, but they’re priced pretty high, so I was on the hunt for ones a little less expensive.  I tried these on in a store recently and loved the comfort and cushion.  While I’ll continue wearing the ones I’ve had in years past, I did need a new tan pair and ordered these.  I’ll report back as soon as they come in.  Went with my usual size.

Clip Dot Dress

This dress comes in lots of different colors!  Had a hard time deciding on which color to go with first, but ultimately decided on this pretty navy color.  There’s a bright red one that would be perfect for the holidays too!

Leopard Tiered Dress

It’s no secret that I love this leopard dress.  I’ve already worn it a few times this season and it’s just so comfy.  Runs true to size.  Wearing a small.

Slouch Pointed Toe Boots

Ordered these and can’t wait for them to come in!  I love my Frye boots for Fall, but I feel like these would dress up any outfit a bit.

Crewneck Sweater

Like the clip dot dress, this sweater comes in lots of colors.  These two colors were my favorite!

Lip Color in Paradiso

I haven’t worn a pop of color on my lips in awhile, but I used to all the time.  I feel like it really brightens up any look.  This color seems so pretty for Fall.  Can’t wait to try it when it comes in.

Woven Sandal

Ordered these!  Such a fun sandal and love the neutral color!  Perfect for Fall, while the temps are still in the 70s.

Power Glow Peel

I’ve raved about these for awhile now.  I try to space them out and use between 2-3 a week.  Trust me, your face will thank you.  It’s one of the only pads that provide the glowing skin and tightness I’m wanting.

Topknot Earrings

Y’all know how much I love my topknot earrings.  I wear them all the time to add a little extra to any look.  These Charleston Green ones are some of my faves.


And finally, I’ll leave you with these!  They’re only $18 and are perfect for early Fall!

Hope y’all enjoy these picks as much as I do!  Hoping to keep these up more often in the future.  Hope y’all have a great start to your week!