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I’m so glad we were able to make it out to the beach one day after school, to visit my parents that were vacationing here.  Like I mentioned yesterday, it’s a busy time of year, but the kids and I loved it!  I’m wearing this bikini top, these bottoms, these sunnies and the girls are wearing these swimsuits.

Pretty excited for a beach day!  I have seriously hair envy with Wheeler.  It’s getting so long too!

Loving life.

Strong Grandaddy.

With their Gigi.

This swimsuit runs a little big, and it’s selling out quickly!  I can’t get over how quickly swimsuits are selling out.  I’m still loving these sunnies too.  This pair is a similar pair at a lower price point.

My parents two favorite restaurants in all of Charleston are The Obstinate Daughter and Coda del Pesce.  This night, we opted for the spot below Coda del Pesce that’s been on IOP forever, Banana Cabana.  We love the live music out back.

Vaughn had his adenoids taken out and tubes put in on Tuesday.  He did an awesome job and already says he can hear so much better.  He’s never been one to have ear infections, but at his yearly check-up in October, he didn’t pass his hearing test.  When I took him into the ENT, he took a hearing test and passed, but they said there was fluid in his ears.  We came every month for the next couple of months, and while he never had ear infections the fluid was always there, so they decided to go this route.  They said he had a ton of fluid that had been there awhile.  And on his hearing, they said he could probably hear alright, but that over time, what he was hearing was his norm, but not every one else’s.  So he learned to hear more of a muffled sound.  I’ve even noticed now that he’ll stand outside and really listen to the birds chirping and other sounds that he probably had never heard before!

Of course, for his treat he wanted a Lego Set.  He scored this awesome one with 1400+ pieces.  Took me forever to put it together, but I love that he sits next to me while I construct it.  Got in some special bonding with just my sweet baby.

Success!  My boys haven’t even seen the movie, but from school and the playground, they know all the characters’ names and everything about the movie.  Sound familiar?

On Wednesday night, the girls had their dance recital.  We had dinner at Mixson Grille beforehand and this dip (with barbecue on the bottom) was amazing!

So proud of these girls!  Wearing this dress.  Runs a little big, but love the fit!

Before my parents headed home, we popped into the Seabiscuit for breakfast.  Vaughn loved his Mickey Mouse pancakes.

Flowers everywhere during recital season.

I finally got to try out my new running shoes.  Love them!  They fit true to size.  Of course, on Thursday, I tried to dodge the rain.  Made it two miles with barely a drop, but the third it poured and thundered.  Still so thankful I squeezed it in!

Not sure what I love more, the fragrance or the pretty bottle of this new scent by Kate Spade.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that the boys have recently been sporting these new polos.  Love this brand.  Just picked up this one recently.  Love the bright blue color.

Sugarfix (Baublebar at Target) and Essie have collaborated to bring you the prettiest color earrings for summer.  The ones on the bottom left and top right are only $12.99!

Fuji is one of my favorite sushi restaurants in town.  The top roll (their crunchy roll) is amazing!  I’m usually there at least once a week.

Finally, I’ll leave y’all with this!  Wheeler’s Summer List.  She is definitely my daughter.  Sounds exactly like something I’d make for myself!

Happy Saturday!  I hope y’all are enjoying the holiday weekend so far.  Looks like the rainy weather may hold off until tomorrow and Monday now.  Pretty excited about that!

In case you missed yesterday’s post, I shared more of what we’ve been up to lately.  Check it out here.

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