More Life Lately + What We Wore

On Sunday, we headed to church then snapped a photo in front of one of my favorite pink buildings.

Vaughn requested that I take a pic of him.

Me: Dress // Sunglasses – Lanier: Pants // Tie

Girls: Dresses (apparently they put them on backwards – oops!  But still looked cute!) // Boots – Boys: Pants // Shoes // Red Pullover // Ties

We met up with some friends that were traveling in for the holidays from California.  We chose the new Kid Cashew as our brunch spot and absolutely loved it!  It’s where Triangle used to be on Ben Sawyer.

The decor is so airy and beautiful!

These two were so excited to reunite!  They’ve been so close since they were wee babies.  After almost a year of not seeing each other, they were thrilled to catch up!

Such a fun morning!

I was so proud of Wheeler!  Her artwork made the church bulletin for the Christmas Eve Service!

Cuties!  Our garland (with LED lights) is on major sale right now.  May need to snag a few more for our mantle now that it’s been marked down.

Sunday night entailed a relaxing evening in, with hot chocolate and a Christmas movie.

Saying a very happy goodbye to Snowflake our Elf for another year.  He was trying his hardest to camouflage himself.

Our guy was a little lazy this year and spent many days in the same spot.  The kids are hoping next year he’ll step his game a little.