Life Lately

The kids all got to wear festive attire on their last day of school before break.  Logan also had Polar Express Day, so he got to wear his pajamas.

How sweet is this little Santa hat Wheeler sewed for Vaughn’s lovie?  She came home right after school on Thursday and spent the afternoon sewing it for him.  Love her sweet little heart.  And yes, you may notice that the lovie says Logan on it.  I guess when Vaughn was little, Logan let him borrow it and Vaughn’s slept with it ever since.

After a half-day of school, we went to see The Grinch again.  They’ve been begging to see it just one more time, so they were super excited!

The skies cleared for a hot minute after the movie, so we headed to get our special treat from Santa at Sweet Julep’s.

Instead of candy canes, Santa handed out wooden coins when we visited him.  We were able to turn them in to Sweet Julep’s and received these yummy chocolate Santa pops in return.

My newest ornament from an ornament exchange party last week.  Love my little narwal!

At Brown Fox Coffee, a percentage of the proceeds go to the owners adoption process.  Located on Simmons Street.  Loving all of their holiday concoctions this season.

Love her so much!  Growing up too fast!

On Friday, we made over 200 cookies to share with friends and family.  This has been a recipe in our family for a long time.  They’re so addicting!  My tee is only $7.49.

Here’s the recipe.

The boys visited Clay Rice to get their silhouettes made.

He’s so good and always captures them perfectly.  The top row is of the girls at ages 7 & 6 and the bottom row is of the boys at ages 7 & 6.

On Saturday night, we headed out to my tennis team party.  Always love seeing these ladies, but it’s even nicer to have more time to spend with them when we’re not on the courts.

Wore this dress (now on major sale) with these heels and these earrings.

Love my tennis team so much!  I’m on a few teams, but this is the one I’ve been on the longest!

Can’t wait to get back to regular matches in the new year!