More Life Lately + What I Wore

Closed all the rings in January!

While I’m a diehard Panthers fan, I still tried to dress for the team I was cheering for during the Super Bowl.  This was as close as I could get to the Chiefs colors.  Top // Shorts

My favorite spot.  All snuggled in!

Wheeler taught Logan how to ride a bike!  We never wanted to push him when he was younger because he was so against learning and he  honestly just didn’t care to learn.  He was happy to ride his scooter.  Well, the other day Wheeler asked him if he wanted to learn and he finally said yes!  It only took him a couple of tries and he got the hang of it.  And now, we can’t get him off of it.  He loooooves riding!

Talk about dinner with a view.  Dreamy, right?

Super random, but in two days I got to meet two puppies.  This pup was only 8 weeks old.

And this boxer was only 12 weeks!  How sweet are they?  Like holding a baby, there’s just something about puppy snuggles.

Speaking of pups, Boozer is loving our new outdoor rug for our porch!

How cute are these hats?  Can’t wait for the kids to wear these on the boat this summer!  Get yours here.  I got them the adult size.

Scroll below for a few more red dress options…

In my happy place at Largo Salon!

Wore this dress and these sandals the other day.  Obsessed with the color of this dress!

Always a good time with my girl, Natalie…especially when dirty martinis are involved!

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  1. Hey Ashley you look great. I know you said earlier you had the flu, and I’m in PA and flu A has just exploded around here. I haven’t taken tamiflu, and I was wondering how you’re experience was with it. Like how long your fever or flu lasted. I had the flu shot, so hoping it won’t be so bad?? 🙂

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