More Life Lately: Lilly Fashion Show + Wheeler’s Cut!

I’m not one to be the first to agree to walk in a fashion show, but when I asked if the girls could do it too, they agreed.  I knew they’d love it!  Proceeds for this one supported the Sea Turtle Care Center at the South Carolina Aquarium, which we’d just visited the day before!

The perfect Lilly swag bags for the event!

They loved getting all dressed up for the event!

Our amazing curls!  And how fitting are our sea turtle printed dresses?

We obviously had a great time afterward too!

I think the girls’ photos topped ours!  They sure know how to work a photo booth.

The Turtletini cocktail was a hit!

My friend Erin did a fabulous job emceeing the event.  And how pretty is her maxi dress?  Vanity Salon did my hair and make-up.  I’m wearing this super soft dress and these wedges.  Wheeler wore this dress and Effie wore this one.  All in all, we had the best time!

A little visit to Boone Hall Plantation earlier this week!  Wore this dress and these earrings (take 20% off with code: SWEETSOUTHERNPREP).

My mother-in-law came in town on Tuesday and we took the girls to see Finding Neverland.  It was fabulous!  Like so good, I can’t wait until it comes back again!  If you get a chance, go see it!  The music and choreography is amazing!

After more requests from Wheeler asking to get her haircut, I finally set up an appointment and let her go.

Bye bye, long hair.

That reaction!

A family affair!

But she did it!  And she loves it and can’t stop swooshing it around!

An ice cream treat after!

I only hope it’ll look this coiffed when she washes it herself.  She’d never blown her hair out, so we’ll see!

She looks too old, but then kind of young too.  It’s fitting though.  And it’s something she really wanted and she absolutely LOVES it, so that’s all that matters.  Not to mention the fact that her American Girl Doll is Kit and we think she looks just like her now!  And if you’re wondering if I had any stipulations.  The answer is yes.  She promised that even if she got it cut, that she would still wear bows.  Works for me!

Finally, I’ll leave you with this dress.  I wore it to the musical on Tuesday night and absolutely LOVED it!  It’s only $27.99 and comes in so many different prints.  For size, it runs true to size.  I’m wearing a small.  Paired it with these wedges.

Happy Thursday, Y’all!  Wheeler couldn’t wait to get to school today, to show off her new cut to her friends!  I’m headed to the Volvo Open today to get to watch some tennis and I’m so excited!

8 thoughts on “More Life Lately: Lilly Fashion Show + Wheeler’s Cut!

  1. oh wow! Wheeler cut her hair even more than I thought she would. I thought she wanted to make it more shoulder length. I did not do well with change as a kid and once cut my hair and ended up in tears so i’m impressed she looks so happy!

  2. So adorable ! Love the fashion show pics!! And Wheeler’s hair! When my daughter was 4, she wanted Kit hair so badly! I had the same stipulation: BOWS!
    Good for you for letting go and letting her make her own decision — it is hard!

  3. Cut looks great ! Truly, older and younger at the same time! Where are those cute white coats the girls are wearing from?

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