A Warm, Sunny Weekend…Finally!

Over the weekend, one of my besties from Charlotte came into town with her family.  Our kids have known each other forever and we’ve stayed just as close as our kids have too.  Wearing this dress!

And she recently had a baby, so I was thrilled to get LOTS of baby snuggles while they were here!

Those palm leaves behind them are a fort the kids put together.  And I swear we have more backyard furniture.  They used it put inside one of their forts.

This was Saylor’s first time on a boat!  How happy is she??

The girls continue to love these coverups!

Little treasures!

They’ve been super close since they were a little over a year old!  Even though they don’t live in the same city anymore, whenever they get together, they never miss a beat.

In their happy place!

Seriously, the happiest baby!

We always have the best time together.  When we lived in Charlotte, we hung out at least once a week.  Still miss that so much, but at least twice a year is better than nothing!

Saylor’s sweet bonnet!

Wearing this swimsuit.  It’s reversible too!

Hoping they’ll be back soon!

The family that twins together…haha.  But seriously though, loved this print so much I wanted us all to get it!  My Coverup // Lanier’s Trunks // Boys’ Trunks // Girls’ Suits // My Sunnies

Two posts in one day!  Head back here for today’s Wednesday Whereabouts to see what else we’ve been up to!

Happy Wednesday!