More Details about My Laser Hair Removal

I’ve had a lot of y’all reach out asking about my laser hair removal treatments over the past few months, so I felt like I’d pop in and give y’all more details on an actual blog post!  I started it back in January and have gone to Coastal Skin Solutions every 4-6 weeks since then and let me tell you, the difference has been amazing!

I have a few more treatments before it’s completely gone, but while I’ve been sharing more of my visits on Instastories I thought I’d answer some of your questions here.  The main question is always, ‘does it hurt?’  The answer is no.  There is a slight warm sensation, but nothing uncomfortable and it doesn’t take much time at all!  She takes the wand and rubs it on the spots where you need hair removed.

It’s called the Soprano Ice machine and this is what it looks like.  With other equipment in years past, hair removal could only be performed on certain skin types, but this one can be performed on almost all types, including skin like mine.

Treating my underarms takes no time at all!  I cannot say enough about Coastal Skin Solutions!  Love the entire team!  The friendliest, knowledgeable staff you’ll meet.

Most recently I’ve gotten their Vivace treatment for my face and I fell in love!!  Many of y’all asked what skincare products I used after I posted this photo last month.  Well, truth be told, this was a day after having the Vivace treatment done at Coastal Skin Solutions.  Basically, it rejuvenates the skin and helps to tighten it in most places.

For more information or to book an appointment head over to their site here.

You can also call 843-405-5906 to find out more details about all of their services and products offered!