Monday Manners: Vacation and Holiday Re-cap

Instead of my usual Monday Manners post today, I thought I’d share some of my beach vacation and 4th of July holiday with you.  We had a wonderful time, and of course, we wish we could have stayed at the beach for another week…  I also have to share these with you, as we’re headed out of town again on Wednesday, for Maine, and will have more photos from that trip.

Before the beach, we had to stop by my parents to see my sister’s (#6) boyfriend’s new puppy, Sadie.

Poor puppy, W tortured her a little bit, but isn’t she just precious?

Sweet E, staying cool in the shade.
You’d like to think that W was helping her Daddy build sand castles, but unfortunately all she wanted to do was destroy every castle her Daddy would build.  At least she was having fun!
Instead of continuing to refill W’s small blue bucket, we filled a larger bucket, just so she could continue to splash water on herself.  She entertained herself awhile doing this.
“Cheese!”  W got some sun poisoning during the week (you can see some of it on her shoulders), so we had to keep her undressed and in the shade one day.  The little pool off the deck was perfect for this!  E enjoyed the company too.
…still splashing herself with that blue bucket.
Searching for seashells.  W enjoyed finding them, then taking them back to the swimming pool, and throwing them in…only so we would have to jump in and find them all.
Sporting some of her birthday gifts.
The girls loved this ride, we went and visited some beach neighbors.  
Don’t worry, we only drove less than a mile away.
My friend had her baby on Saturday, June 25th.  
Charlie (a girl) was 6 pounds, and 8 days old here.
Honey!  Can we have another one?  Haha.
We enjoyed peach sangria before heading to a beach concert, and yes, Charlie came along too!
On to the 4th…
Matching in seersucker, at lunch, after church.
Toys are always out at the place we eat lunch.  W loves this car.  
She has the exact one at home, but it hasn’t left the inside of our house yet.
She also still hasn’t figured out how to drive it forward, only backyard.  
So to get it go forward, she gets out and pushes it like this.
About to head off and see the fireworks.
 I got my camera out too late to capture this, but do you see the skydiver with the American flag attached to him?  There were three, but the other two had already landed.  W said, “Not kites” when she saw them in the sky.
Loving the freedom to run barefoot on such soft grass.

I hope everyone had a great 4th!  The girls are still sleeping, as we didn’t get home last night until 10:30, from the fireworks display.  I think next year we’ll plan on seeing fireworks closer to home, if we’re in town, to get the girls home and in bed sooner.  Many of y’all have the day off today, or your husbands do, hope you enjoy it!

34 thoughts on “Monday Manners: Vacation and Holiday Re-cap

  1. Two years ago the Air Force ROTC skydived in with the flags when they were in charge of the color guard before a game. It was really cool to see.

  2. i absolutely adore you and your girls! looks like you all had a wonderful weekend, hope there are many more to come! 🙂

  3. Beautiful pictures! You have a gorgeous family! That puppy is way too cute, and Charlie is so precious! I love the fact that W enjoyed splashing herself with water too cute. Poor girl getting sun poising is a bummer though. Love E's cherry suit… way too cute! I so want your wardrobe! Looks like you had an amazing weekend!


  4. Looks like fun! Your girls are so photogenic. I love all the pictures! Hope you have a great week. And a great trip to Maine.

  5. What a wonderful holiday you had. The girls are such cutie pies that I'm hard pressed to pick a favorite photo from among those you shared with us. One things for sure – you all had a great time and made some powerful memories to reflect on when the girls are older. Take care. I hope you have a safe trip North. Blessings…Mary

  6. Oh, these are just beautiful Miss Ashley, your little ones couldn't be any cuter. What a wonderful time it looks like (not withstanding the sun poisoning), and what cute outfits they're in. We are partial to the matching seersucker, and *love* the "not kite" wisdom!

    Hope your trip to Maine is splendid as well!

  7. Great pictures that captured so much of the fun. I think the one of "W" cornering the puppy is kind of funny. My son used to do that to our dog all the time.

    I absolutely love the beach photos and the ones in the pool. Your babies look like they are having the best time!

    Glad to hear your hubs likes the shirt. My mister wore a navy one yesterday for the Fourth. They look great on men!

  8. Your girls are just adorable! I love the picture of them in the rainbow pool! And how precious is that lab puppy?!

    I am so glad you had a great weekend!

    xo Marcie

  9. Such great photos! What a nice family weekend for the holiday.

    Pretty Little Bare Feet has the same Cozy Coupe conundrum. Her feet only power it backwards, so she gets out & pushes it. & hers is also an "indoor Coupe."

    Have a lovely week!

  10. What a wonderful vacation! The girls are adorable and that pup's sweet face ALMOST makes me want to get another puppy – note that I stressed the word almost, one Lab is enough for us!

  11. Hey there! Love the pictures of the girls. Can they be any cuter?!
    I saw those Janie & Jack outfits and remember saying to my mom.. it would be so fun to have a little girl. ahh maybe one day 😉 Have so much fun in Maine!! xo

  12. I love your pictures! The girls looked like they had a great time playing at the beach and everyone looked so relaxed!! Your friends newborn was precious!!!! Congrats to her! Glad you had a great weekend!

  13. Your pictures were great! Looks like the girls had a really good time playing at the beach and everyone looked so relaxed!! Your friends newborn is precious!! Congrats to her! Glad you had a great holiday/vacation!

  14. What gorgeous pictures! Looked like you guys had a great time! Hope W is okay after the sun poisoning!

  15. Sounds like a fabulous 4th! (I am FINALLY catching up after the long weekend now.) There is something about babies on the beach that instantly makes me smile – so cute!

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