Monday Manners: Summer Reading List

Reading books will not only make you APPEAR smart, but MAKE you smart, as well.
Wouldn’t you agree?
Sounds like a quote by Elle Woods.
So reading books by Emily Giffin and Sophie Kinsella might not educate you, as much as reading Moby Dick and War and Peace would, but whose to say you can’t learn a little bit about yourself from reading their books.  After just finishing up a classic, The Sun Also Rises and a memoir, The Glass Castle, I figured I had a pretty good excuse to take a break, and read a Sophie Kinsella book, Shopaholic and Sister (the fourth in Kinsella’s Shopaholic series).  This one should be a quick read this week at the beach, and then on to The Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy.  
The hubs and my mother both agreed that this was a great, classic beach read.  Plus, it was only $2.99 on my Kindle.  Can’t beat that!
After completing these two books, I plan to read The Help and then Water for Elephants on my next beach trip at the end of July, if not before.

I’ve only heard the best things about these books, and can’t wait to delve into them, and chat with friends about them.  Plus, I want to have read the book, before seeing each of the movies.
So, what are you reading?
Or what’s next on your summer reading list?
I have a friend that just read Heaven is for Real, and loved it.
Hoping to borrow that from her soon, as she said it’s a good, quick read – and very powerful!
Hope y’all have a great start to your week!
We’re headed out on the beach in just a bit…summer reading, bring it on…
…okay, not until the girls are napping this afternoon, but it still counts!
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13 thoughts on “Monday Manners: Summer Reading List

  1. I loved Heaven is for Real, I read it in an hour and a half. I also liked shopaholic (actually all of her books) as well as water for elephants.

  2. My mom is reading the Glass Castle and said it's soooo dark. It's definitely time for a break! I adored The Help and Water for Elephants! Hope you enjoy them!

  3. I read the Help (all my friends know i'm a southern girl inside) and it's my favorite book ever. I'm re-reading it 🙂 never get tired of it.
    And i'm waitting for Water for Elephants to be translated cause i can't find it not even in english.
    I also read South of broad by Pat Conroy and i loved it, but i can't fint any other of his books around here 🙁 how is this possible?

  4. You will have a great Summer reading all of these books! The Help is fantastic and Heaven is For Real is a great read. Definitely recommend South of Broad by Pat Conroy as well!

  5. Grab some tissues when reading Heaven is For Real. I finished it in about two hours!! Another great beach read is The Scandalous Summer of Sissy Leblanc. I read it about two years ago and it was fab!! Passed it along to a friend who then passed it to another friend – Happy Reading!

  6. Oh my goodness! I can't believe you haven't read the Help yet!! SOOO GOOD! And so is The Prince of Tides and Water for Elephants. Heaven is for Real is definitely on my list for this summer. I'm reading a trilogy right now that is real quick and is young adult. The Hunger Games…not my normal style of reading. Anyway, love you! Can't wait til we're at the beach with our family 🙂

  7. I agree–I try to alternate between fun, easy reads and more serious reads (love the whole Shopaholic series)! You will love The Help–one of the most meaningful books I've read in a while! I also can't wait to read Heaven is for Real–the lady I nanny for gave it to me this morning to check out!

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