Monday Manners: More Southern Belle Secrets + Essie Fall + Baublebar

Happy Fall, Y’all!

Well, it’s definitely fall here today!  From sunny 80 degree temps on Saturday, to cold, cloudy 50 degree temps today, there’s no doubt about it, the fall season has most certainly arrived!  Photos to come on Wednesday, but we had a great time at the pumpkin patch this past weekend, with both girls getting to enjoy a fun horse ride. “Like” SSP on Facebook, for a couple of preview pics!
To continue the posts on Southern Belle secrets, found here, here you go…

-manners are not optional

-the most important man for you to love is your daddy

-we know all the words to ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ by Skynyrd just like we know the Lord’s prayer

-born and raised at your local country club

-no one ever sasses Mama without being reprimanded with a smack on the mouth

-when life gives you lemons, put them in your sweet tea, and thank God you’re a southern belle

-we love seersucker

-never pay full price for anything you can get cheaper at a flea market or thrift store

-we keep our lips sealed and our eyes and ears open

-great-grandmother’s name, grandma’s pearls, mama’s looks, and daddy’s mustang

-lightning bugs belong in a mason jar

-your friends sound more southern just by being around you

-you always want to look and feel classy. you don’t want to come off as trailer trash

-our parents are always “mama” and “daddy”, never “mom” and “dad”

-big white plantation houses everywhere you go

-keep it simple, ladies

-it’s “y’all”, not “ya’ll”
My latest favorite Essie nail polishes for Fall…

(This is a darker red, more like the above photo, than the color that appears on Zappos.)


Us Southern girls know pineapples symbolize Southern hospitality.  What better way to show your Southern pride, than with a mini pineapple pendant necklace, for only $22 (+free shipping), from Baublebar?  Mine’s on its way to me this week!

I hope y’all have a wonderful start to your week!

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  1. These "secrets" are right on! I think number two is my favorite. I need some new nail polish–both of these are perfect picks. XO

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