Monday Manners: How to Address Others and Winner!

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I hope y’all had a wonderful weekend.  Sorry I’ve been MIA these past couple of days.  We’ve still got house showings, so lots of cleaning, outings, loss of naps and now sick kids, and it all just kind of adds up.  I apologize for not announcing the Just Ducky winner on Friday.  And stayed tuned for tomorrow’s post…another giveaway will be announced.  A little hint: Wooden Monograms!

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Southerners: On How to Address Others

“An important part of manners is how to address people.  This partly depends on whether the person addressed is a man, woman, older, younger, boss or subordinate.  In today’s world, there is a move toward everyone being on a first name basis.  While this may make things more “friendly,” it also tends to make people forget who is the boss and people seem to lose respect for those who have earned it through hard work or by the simple fact of their age.

A friend of mine, who used to work for my father, referred to my father by his title, “Dr. ——-,” while at work, but away from work he referred to him by his first name.  Rare are the individuals who can separate their personal relationship from their professional relationship.  Respect begets respect, and studies show that regardless of who you are and where you come from, everyone wants to be treated with respect.
When addressing a subordinate or younger person outside of work it is best to use their surname, but it is okay to use their first name if you are familiar with the individual.  When addressing a superior or older person always use their surname.  For peers it is okay to use first names, but familiarity can break down the barriers that support proper conduct in professional and personal life.

This move to familiarity is especially confusing for children and young adults who are not yet adept at distinguishing what is proper.  In the past, children called their friends’ parents by Mr. or Mrs. (Sir-name).   It has now become common practice for young people to use first names or at the most formal, Mr. or Mrs. (First-name).  This practice creates a blurring of the lines of authority and a loss of respect.   Adults wanting to be a child’s friend instead of their authority figure or role model has wreaked havoc on the fabric of our society.

Rules of Introductions

  1. When you introduce a friend to a friend, always say the girl’s name first. 
  2. When introducing a friend to an adult, always say the adult’s name first.
  3. Always stand when you are being introduced to someone.
  4. Always look at the person’s eyes, smile, and say something simple and pleasant, such as, “Hello, it’s good to meet you.”  You may want to repeat the person’s name to help remember it.
  5. Men and boys should remove their hat when being introduced.

Use your right hand for handshaking and use a firm grip.”

Do you agree with these?  If you could add another, what would it be?
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4 thoughts on “Monday Manners: How to Address Others and Winner!

  1. M still calls all of his parents' friends "Mr./Mrs. Insert First Name", which was strange to me when we first met. I'm from the South, so I grew up with Mr./Mrs./Dr. and Last Name and/or ma'am and sir. As an adult, I call my friends' parents by their first names now, but it still feels weird to me!

  2. I love these! Simple southern manners are always a must in my book! 🙂

  3. Congratulations Sheila!

    I can not one bit stand the practice of children calling adults by their first names. A friend of mine was saying, over lunch, that her son has been a bit disrespectful to his teacher. Later in the convo she said all the kids call adults by their first names….I pointed out that perhaps her son hasn't been taught to respect adults and doesn't see the teacher and an authority figure.

    Her oldest son bbsits for me and he called me by my first name….I told him when he is old enough to buy the house next door he may use my first name. Until then, MrsSP will do just fine. He thought that was fair.

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