Monday Manners: Big Event Etiquette

While looking around online today, I found a great list of common big event etiquette mistakes, and thought I’d share them with you.

Not responding to an invitation even if it doesn’t say RSVP.
It’s kind to let people know that you received the invitation and whether or not you can come. If the hosts are using a caterer, they are counting by the head, which is expensive. So be really attentive to let them know whether you’re coming or not while thanking them for the invitation. Remember, people can’t plan on a response like, “We’ll try to come”.

Not arriving on time.
You know how terrible it can be when people come in during the ceremony and stand up in the middle of the aisle looking for a place to sit. It shows inconsideration for the honoree and other guests.

Talking in a full voice.
Again, this shows inconsideration. It’s one thing to whisper, “Pass the program” and another to hold a full voice conversation during the program. It becomes very distracting and bothersome for others.

Not anticipating whom you’ll meet.
You can prime the conversation pump by going over whom you’re likely to see at the event. Inform the family on the way there about names, relationships and other important information such as, “She’s married to so and so”, “His grandfather passed away last month”, and so on. This helps the family or guests to walk across that threshold into a room of friends or familiar people rather than into a group of strangers (and getting caught at thinking “Who are you??”).

Only talking to the people you know.
Make it a point to meet two or three new people; act like a host. Perhaps you’ve been to an event where you’re new, don’t know anybody and nobody talks to you. As adults it’s incumbent on us to make the effort to make friends, but it’s so much nicer when the people who are around bring you in.

Do you agree with these?  Could you add more?


Speaking of big events, what did y’all think of the Oscars last night?  I stayed up to the very end, and loved every minute of it – okay, except for the Ryan Seacrest vs. The Dictator incident on the red carpet (not funny at all), but the awards show was wonderful!  I’m sooo glad Octavia won!  She was incredible in The Help – actually, all the actors were, but she deserved it the most!  Meryl Streep’s speech was one of the best – she’s seriously so cool and grounded for being such an amazing actress.  And I’m so happy Christopher Plummer won too…I’ve loved him ever since he played Captain Von Trapp.  Did you see the way he hopped up those stairs, at 82??  And after winning so many awards, including Best Picture, I’ve got to see The Artist!

And without further ado, my top three picks for best dressed from the Academy Awards…

Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton
You know me, bright colors are my favorite!
Love her in almost everything she wears.
Love the coral dress with the pink clutch. POP!
Maria Menounos in Maria Lucia Hohan
Everything about this dress and hair was gorgeous!
Emma Stone in Giambatista Valli
Y’all are going to think I’m crazy for loving this one, but I think it was perfect for her!
I loved when she went blonde and wore a peach dress last year,
and this one looked lovely on her – I could see Nicole Kidman wearing something like this, too.
P.S. While I wasn’t in love with Esperanza’s dress, I need her album asap!!  How amazing was her rendition of What a Wonderful World?
And how cute were they?  I’ve got to see The Artist!
For fun, to see the 10 Memorable Oscar Acceptance Speeches ever, click here.
Hope y’all have a wonderful rest of your Monday!
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7 thoughts on “Monday Manners: Big Event Etiquette

  1. Great list–I especially like the idea of priming yourself for who may be there and meeting a few new people. Mingling always helps everyone, for you may meet a new friend and those at the event who may not know as many people are always happy to be included in conversation. 🙂

    I also loved Michelle and Emma Stone, and hadn't seen Maria, but she does look fabulous and that color is perfect on her.

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