Effie’s Birthday Preview + A Gift for Your Guy!


I hope y’all had a wonderful weekend!  Effie’s puppy birthday party was a huge success!  She picked out this dress to wear, and no it wasn’t raining but she REALLY wanted to wear her new pink Hunter boots and her cardigan is from last year, but here’s a similar pink one.  I can’t wait to share more photos with you on this week’s Wednesday Whereabouts!
The holidays have arrived in Charleston!  This is our first holiday season here, and it’s been so fun getting to experience it in a new place, and Charleston of all places.  The decorations keep getting better and better, as it gets closer and closer to the holidays!

One thing lately that’s been especially nice is that the weather has finally started getting cooler, and staying cooler here.  I know it’s all relative, but at least some days we’re not getting out of the 60s here – and that’s Fall to me.  Lanier had been looking for a new thicker, dressier coat to wear when the weather got cooler.

He actually got his new Ted Baker coat about a month ago, when the weather did stay cool, for seriously like a weekend.  You may remember when he wore it when we attended a dinner a few weeks ago.  But that was it, and it warmed back up.  I was wearing this dress and this cardigan.



But now with it getting cooler, he’s been able to wear it again, and it looks so good on him!  He and Wheeler were too cute taking these photos together.  Her little dress is velvet and by Mini Boden and her shoes are the sweetest gold Mary Janes. She had a little coat to wear too, but of course, it wasn’t that cold, so she didn’t want to wear it.

I know this time of year, it’s hard to know what to get the man in your life.  At least for me, most of the time he won’t give me much to go off of, of what he wants.  Last year, I gave him this Barbour Jacket for Christmas, which he still wears pretty often.  If you’re considering a coat for your significant other, this Ted Baker Pea Coat is a great one.  It fits well, and is very well-made.  Lanier paired his with this Vineyard Vines Shirt (currently on sale) – another shirt that would make a great gift – love that the red isn’t too bright, but gives a subtle red holiday vibe.

So now he’s got his Barbour, his quilted vest (you may remember the post about it here), his Patagonia raincoat and down sweater jacket, and now his new Ted Baker Pea Coat.  I think he’s all set!  All classics that will last forever!
One thing I feel I need to mention again, because I haven’t lately, is how easy it is to return items to Nordstrom.  Say you’re between sizes and you’re not sure which size to choose, I’d order both.  To return the one that didn’t fit, all you have to do is peel off the return sticker label that comes in your Nordstrom package, and cover the previous label on the box and you’re all set.  It’s that easy!  No printing or extra computer work required.
Wanted to give you a heads up that my go-to clogs lately have just been marked down.  The color of mine are a little lighter than the cinnamon ones now on sale, but they’re 40% off.  For fit, I’m an 8.5 and wear a 9 in them.

Had to share this pic of the children from yesterday.  Our neighbors have started putting out their decorations, and they were in awe of all the penguins and nutcrackers being inflated.  And yes, Effie is wearing Batman pajamas.  She still loves playing with the boys, just as much as the girls!  Wheeler wears them too, but when this pic was taken, she was taking orders in her waitress costume.  😉  By the way, Hanna Andersson has a slew of holiday pajamas this season.  I can’t decide which ones to get the kids this year!
**Thank you to Nordstrom for their partnership on this post.**

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